USB Twin Charger 0.2-1.0Aw/USB-ACadaptor DRW005AC
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No : DRW005AC

JAN : 4548565341702

On Sale From : March 2017

USB Twin Charger 0.2-1.0Aw/USB-ACadaptor DRW005AC

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Charging two batteries at a time and equipped with the LCD, a high spec charger for the DRONE RACER!

This compact but high spec DRONE RACER USB Twin Charger can charge up to two Li-Po batteries for the DRONE RACER (3.7V-1000mAh) simultaneously, powered by USB bus power (2A or more recommended). You can use PCs, AC-USB adapters and handy mobile batteries as power source.
The charger features easy-to-use interface; you only need to adjust the charging current and long push (about 3 seconds) the red button after connecting a battery to one of the charging slots on the front panel. While charging, you can check the status of each slot on the LCD screen, such as charging current (A), amount of charge (mAh), battery voltage (V), and remaining battery capacity (%).
Note: This charger is only compatible with the KYOSHO DRONE RACER 1 cell Li-Po battery (3.7V-1000mAh) and must not be used for charging other batteries.

●Slot 1 and Slot 2 are controlled independently (charging current setting is common to both slots).
●Use of anti-reverse slot design and colored markings for secure polarity identification.
●Safety protection circuit avoids charging if reverse connection should occur.
●Charging current can be adjusted from 0.2A to 1.0A, in steps of 0.1A.
Note: Charging at the maximum current setting requires output of 5V-2.0A (10W) or more from the power source.
●LED indicator shows the charging status of each slot (solid red: charging / off: done). Also, you can check the remaining battery capacity in percentage at any time on the LCD screen.

■Compatible battery: 1 cell Li-Po battery (3.7V-1000mAh) for DRONE RACER only
■Power source (USB): 5V 2A or more recommended
■Charging voltage(slot1): 4.20V
■Charging voltage(slot2): 4.20V
■Dimensions (mm): L:82 x W:70 x H:29
■Weight (g): approx. 100