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Syncro 2.4GHz TX/RX Set 82147

No: 82147
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Reasonable TX/RX set that includes a "receiver with built-in gyro" to support driving operation.


Syncro KT-231P+Transmitter

The 3-Channel transmitter operates on 2.4GHz.’Throttle Trim’ to ensure the car doesn't move unnecessarily.’Steering Trim’ to adjust the car's straight line running. ’Throttle Endpoint Adjust’ to set the amount of movement on forward and brake input and ’Steering D/R Adjuster’ adjust the steering control angle. Requires 4× AA size alkaline batteries.


Syncro KRG-331 Gyro Receiver

The KRG-331 receiver with built-in gyro feature the KSS (Kyosho Stability System) ,which straightens driving lines when steering control is affected on slippery or uneven roads and prevents spinouts during cornering,ultimately realizing faster lap times. The traction correction function also allows you to exit through corners at higher speed. Since the user can adjust the correction rate to their preference, settings can be made according to the road surface conditions and the type of vehicle.

Technical Data

●AA-SIZE Batteries for Transmitter×4

Kit Content

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