SQS Electric Low Wing Airplane Calmato Sports EP 1400 Blue 10060BL
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No : 10060BL

JAN : 4548565082094

SQS Electric Low Wing Airplane Calmato Sports EP 1400 Blue 10060BL

Electric powered entry-level low-wing airplane represents the ideal balance between performance and stability. Lightweight structure realizes both excellent control and maneuverability.
The CALMATO has come to define what entry-level airplanes are all about. Many fliers owe their solo wings to the user-friendly electric power and friendly flight performance of this low-wing airplane. Plenty of lift enables the calm control characteristics and power that can even produce light stunt flying as your hands become more experienced in control. Simply join the wing halves with the steel pins and fix with tape, then attach the tail wing and rudder to complete the mostly pre-built fuselage with pre-installed motor, servos and linkages. In addition, the airplane is powered by a brushless motor that delivers an ideal amount of constant high-power for beginner flight over an extended period of time. Complete flight preparation by adding a speed control amp and a charged up a Li-Po battery (amp, Li-Po and battery charger sold separately). Electric power means you simply have to turn the power ON and you’re ready for take-off. For the ultimate first R/C flying experience, or even as a second airplane for a more experienced flier, nothing beats the CALMATO!

■Length: 1,095mm ■Width: 1,400mm ■Weight(when fully loaded): 1,600g ■Wing Area: 32dm2 ■Wing load: 50g/dm2 ■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical

<Required for operation>
●R/C System: 4ch, 3-servo
●Brushless ESC: 50A+
●LiPO Battery: 11.1V-3,300~3,700mAh
●Charger: Compatible with balance charging
●Propeller: D10×P6~D11×P5.5
●Spinner: 45mm
●Pilot Figurine (No.90901)
●Batteries for transmitter