PIPER J-3 CUB Readyset 10752RS-J3
Excl. Tax: ¥23,000 Incl. Tax: ¥24,840

No : 10752RS-J3

JAN : 4548565122530

PIPER J-3 CUB Readyset 10752RS-J3

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Features: ailerons; high-power motor with advanced multi-function transmitter, and a new main wing. The micro airplane that took the world by storm evolves to another level with full 4-channel control!
The amazing MINIUM airplane that fits on the palm of your hand now features the same 4-channel functionality with aileron, elevator, rudder and throttle control as full-size airplanes. Also, a newly developed flat bottom main wing with reduced flex, controls wing tip stall and delivers extra flight stability. With the included high-power motor, this micro-size airplane produces amazingly powerful flight, even in wind. The fully assembled fuselage is fitted with an ultra-small control unit featuring built-in motor control amp, receiver and 3 servos within a form that accurately captures the realism of the original airplane with its stunning flash color scheme. Simply set the batteries and you’re ready for takeoff! In addition, the newly developed 4-channel R/C system operates on 2.4GHz and automatically scans a 75 wave spectrum for open bands when it is switched on to provide a stable control system safe from radio interference that also allows up to 24 airplanes to flown at the same time. The result is slow flight and light maneuvers from a micro airplane for a flying experience like no other!

■全長 330mm ■全幅 420mm ■全備重量 約30g ■モーター 7mmハイパーモーター ■翼面積 2.8dm2 ■翼面荷重 10.71g/dm2 ■翼型 フラットボトムタイプ ■プロポ パーフェックスKT-20 2.4GHz4ch ミニュームAD専用プロポ ■プロペラ D95mm×P75mm ■上反角 4° ■スケール 1/20

●パーフェックスKT-20 2.4GHz帯デジタルトリム装備2スティック送信機(充電器内蔵)