700mm Size Super Scale Flying Model CESSNA 182 Skylane VE29 PIP Red 10932R
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No : 10932R

JAN : 4548565160792

700mm Size Super Scale Flying Model CESSNA 182 Skylane VE29 PIP Red 10932R

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The easiest to fly scale trainer that you will ever experience!
Highly detailed scale form is also great for display and can be used with your existing transmitter and receiver!
With its highly detailed scale finish, the Cessna 182 Skylane VE29 makes an impressive desktop display. However, flight characteristics optimized for beginner fliers mean it’s home is in the air. With design technology developed in the micro-sized MINIUM series, this advanced compact airplane utilizes 3-channel control through two servos and ESC for throttle, rudder and elevator in combination with a powerful yet durable brushless motor for smooth, maneuverable flight characteristics. Sporty performance provides light stunt capability with loops, rolls, and inverted flight making this an ideal second airplane even expert-level fliers can enjoy for a long time. This PIP kit is pre-assembled and features two pre-installed servos with pre-set linkages and is also pre-painted. Simply install the nose section and landing gear, glue the scale antenna and attach the main wing to complete assembly. Then just add your own LiPo battery and battery charger (both sold separately) and with your existing transmitter and receiver, you’re ready to get airborne. With the detailed scale form of the stylish aiRium series, you can enjoy the excitement and freedom of dynamic airplane flight right from the start!

■全長 565mm
■全幅 700mm
■全備重量 約250g(450mAh リポ使用時)
■モーター AF400 BLS B/07/15ブラシレスモーター
■バッテリー 7.4V-450~800mAh リポ(別売)〔サイズ:34×60×20mm以内〕
■翼面積 6.32dm2
■翼面荷重 39.6g/dm2(450mAhリポ使用時)
■翼型 クラークY類似
■プロポ 3ch 2サーボ 1ESC
■プロペラ D7×P6 ・2ブレード
■飛行時間 最長約6分(450mAhリポ使用時)

< 付属品 >
●AF400 BLS B/07/15ブラシレスモーター
●KS-21 サーボ×2
< 飛行までに必要なもの >
●7.4V-450~800mAh Li-Poバッテリー(使用可能サイズ W34×L60×H20mm以内・推奨:No.71815 AF7.4V-450mAh Li-Poバッテリー)
●Li-Poバッテリー用 充電器 (推奨:No.72610 AF Li-Po 専用DCバランスチャージャー)