1/15 Scale SUPER SCALE FLYING MODEL Messerschmitt Bf109E VE29 Readyset 10952RS
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1/15 Scale SUPER SCALE FLYING MODEL Messerschmitt Bf109E VE29 Readyset 10952RS

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Combines super-realistic scale form with nimble flight performance!
Advanced 4-channel R/C system with rudder delivers full flight control.

With its stunning scale finish, you could mistake this model for a desktop display. But this aiRium Messerschmitt Bf109E brings the dream of airplane flight to reality in spectacular style. With lightweight design technology developed in the micro-sized MINIUM series, this airplane features the KS-21 servo weighing only 5g for rudder and elevator control. Without a gear reduction unit, the newly developed 29mm high-performance brushless motor and special ESC (electronic speed controller) deliver the smooth thrust directly to the propeller for energetic flight performance. In addition, the main wing design uses its lightweight construction and light wing load for optimal lift to produce excellent slow flight control, enabling flight times of up to 12 minutes long, one of the longest available from a small electric airplane. Switch over to dynamic high speed flight and this Bf109e can also fly stunts such as loops, rolls and inverted flight. Also, with the durability of brushless motor technology, this model maintains its high levels of flight performance over the long term. Almost fully pre-assembled, this pre-painted model includes the KT-21 transmitter operating on the 2.4GHz DSSS system that automatically scans open frequencies. Only LiPo battery, charger and batteries for the transmitter are required to get airborne. With the user-friendly package and impressive scale form of the aiRium series, realistic and dynamic flight performance is yours to enjoy.

●Easy To Get Into The Air - Almost fully pre-assembled and with finished color scheme. No difficult steps required for completion.
●Lightweight Radio Gear - Pre-installed with KS-21 servo weighing just 5g for rudder and elevator control.
●Lightweight Fuselage - Hard surface of the lightweight styrene fuselage design realizes the Bf109's dynamic flight performance.
●Easy Access Battery - Hatch under the fuselage provides easy access for battery changes.
●Scale Appearance with Easy Operation - O-ring hook provides secure main wing attachment without compromising the model's scale appearance in the air.
●Brushless Powered - 29mm Air Factory 400BLS B/07/15 brushless motor and Sky Victory BLS10 ESC produce plenty of power for takeoffs when taxiing.
●Scale Messerschmitt Bf109E Detailed - Detailed form of the Bf109E is accurately reproduced and even includes parts that replicate the 3 bladed prop, also makes an impressive display model. Recreates the scale form of the original with main wing detail and covering material. Achieves both realistic appearance and dynamic flight performance.
●Sky Victory Brushless Motor & ESC - The newly developed AF400 BLS B/07/15 brushless motor delivers flight performance way beyond its size, despite its diameter of 29mm. The maximum flight performance from the motor is extracted with the specially developed Sky Victory BLS10 ESC (electronic speed controller). The smooth power characteristics of the direct drive and the reliability of the brushless motor promises high power over extended periods and brings the next generation in EP scale airplane flight performance within easier reach.
●A Few Items Are Needed - An aiRium series Readyset includes a factory assembled aircraft and transmitter and only requires LiPo battery for the fuselage, battery charger and batteries for transmitter. LiPo batteries of a suitable size that are sold in the general market can be used. Different batteries can also be used to produce different flight characteristics. Recommended battery is AF7.4V-450mAh LiPo.(No.71815)


■Length: 580mm 
■Width: 650mm 
■Weight: 230g(with 450mAh LiPO) 
■Motor: AF400 BLS B/07/15 brushless motor 
■Battery: 7.4V-450-600mAh LiPO (sold separately) 
■Wing Area: 7.2dm2 
■Wing Load: 31.9g/dm2(with 450mAh LiPO) 
■Wing Type: S3010 
■R/C System: 4ch 3 servo 1 ESC R/C system 
■Propeller: D7 x P6(3 blade) 
■Scale: 1:15
■Flight Time: 5 minutes (with 450mAh LiPO)

< Readyset Contents >
●Factory assembled airplane
●AF400 BLS B/07/15 Brushless motor
●Sky Victory BLS10 ESC
●KT-21 Transmitter
●KS-21 servo x 3
●Spring hook for O-ring installation
< Required for Operation >
●7.4V-450 - 600mAh LiPo Battery ( No.71815 AF7.4V-450mAh LiPo battery recommended )
●Battery charger compatible with LiPo battery ( No.72610 AF LiPo special DC Balance Charger recommended / Other 7.4V-450 - 600mAh LiPo batteries sold on the market can be used if suitable size )
●4 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter