900mm Size Super Scale Flying Model PIPER PA34 VE29Twin Blue 10961BL
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No : 10961BL

JAN : 4548565169030

900mm Size Super Scale Flying Model PIPER PA34 VE29Twin Blue 10961BL

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Twin props resonate from the compact size of this easy-to-fly airplane!
Realistic twin-motor control can be enjoyed with your existing transmitter and receiver!
The unique sound of twin-propellers resonates to recreate the atmosphere of a real airport as you make a low pass. Two electric motors deliver easy fight control from the detailed compact scale form typical of Kyosho’s aiRium Series models. Twin 3-blade propellers generate plenty of thrust and also provide effective air braking when the throttle is off for the controlled emergency response of a real airplane. Strong thrust enables the airplane to climb powerfully and make landing approaches at a large angle of descent, even in a tight flight area. With its moderate dihedral the main wing design delivers superior aerodynamics without compromising scale appearance and stability so even fliers that have just graduated from high-wing trainers will find this airplane a breeze to fly. Almost fully pre-assembled, this PIP kit also features a pre-installed twin set of brushless motors and ESCs, as well as three servos. Even linkages and color scheme are complete. Add your existing transmitter, receiver, charger and Li-Po battery (sold separately), and install the nose and main landing gear and fasten the main wing to be flight ready. The fascination of scale twin-engine airplane flight has never been so easy to enjoy with the PIP kit of the PIPER PA34 VE29 Twin.

■全長 766mm
■全幅 900mm
■全備重量 480g
■モーター AF400 BLS B/07/15ブラシレスモーター ×2基
■バッテリー 7.4V 800mAh Li-Po バッテリー〔サイズ:31x65x16mm 以内〕(推奨/別売)
■翼面積 12.5dm2
■翼面荷重 38.4g/dm2
■翼型 NACA2415
■プロポ 4ch 3サーボ/2ESC
■プロペラ D7×P6 ・3ブレード
■飛行時間 最長約6分

< 付属品 >
●AF400 BLS B/07/15ブラシレスモーター ×2
●スカイビクトリーBLS10(ESC) ×2
●KS-21 サーボ×3
< 飛行までに必要なもの >
●7.4V-800mAh Li-Poバッテリー(使用可能:W31×L65×H16mm以内・推奨:No.ORI60087 ORION AVIONICS 800 7.4V(30 C) Li-Poバッテリー)
●Li-Poバッテリー用充電器(推奨:No.72610 AF Li-Po 専用DCバランスチャージャー)