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.30 Class Super Quality Series Scale Aircraft MACCHI M33 EP/GP30 ARF RED 11081R

No: 11081R
Jan: 4548565199365
Sale date: June 2012
Out of Stock discontinued
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Realistic recreation of the 1920’s Schneider Cup racer! High quality ARF seaplane can be flown as EP or GP!

Technical Data

■Length: 1,125mm
■Width: 1,300mm
■Weight: 2,050g approx.(EP) / 2,000g approx.(GP)
■Motor: 400-500W class brushless motor (sold separately)
■Engine: 2-cycle 35-36 class (sold separately)
■Battery: 11.1V-3,200-3,600mAh Li-Po(sold separately)
■Wing Area: 29.6dm2
■Wing Load: 67.6-69.3g/dm2 approx.
■Wing Type: similar to Original Clark Y
■R/C System: 4-channel, 4-servo 1ESC (EP) / 4-channel, 5-servo (GP)(sold separately)
■Propeller: D10 x P6-D11 x P7 (sold separately)
■Fuell: 190cc

Kit Content

Requirement to Run

< Required for Operation >
●R/C System/ 4-channel, 4-servo + 1ESC (EP)/4-channel, 5-servo (GP) for airplanes
●400-500W class Outrunner type Brushless Motor (recommended: No.70022 Plane 30 Brushless Motor S/17/11)
●2-cycle 35-36 Engine
●11.1V-3200-3600mAh Li-Po
●ESC for Brushless Motor (45A minimum)
●Battery charger
●Fuel, Starting tools
●D10 x P6-D11 x P7 Propeller
●52mm Spinner
●Connector for battery
●200mm Y extension cable for aileron x6(EP)/x8(GP)
●Specified batteries for transmitter (EP,GP) and for receiver (GP)


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