.30 Class Super Quality Series Scale Aircraft MACCHI M33 EP/GP30 ARF RED 11081R
Excl. Tax: ¥35,000 Incl. Tax: ¥38,500

No : 11081R

JAN : 4548565199365

On Sale From : June 2012

.30 Class Super Quality Series Scale Aircraft MACCHI M33 EP/GP30 ARF RED 11081R

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Realistic recreation of the 1920’s Schneider Cup racer!
High quality ARF seaplane can be flown as EP or GP!

The dramatic era of seaplane racing at the dawn of the airplane age was symbolized in the chase for the Schneider Cup and is talked about even to this day. At that time seaplanes were faster than land-based aircraft and Italy’s Macchi was one of the top guns. Amongst these aircraft, the M33 flying boat competed on equal terms against more advanced seaplanes with suspended floats. The historically significant M33 captured the hearts of seaplane fans and has been faithfully recreated in 1/8.5 scale with high precision FRP fuselage and balsa main wing. With the tricolor of the M39 to represent its Italian heritage, this model has been revived as a 30-class model. However, the design is compatible with both electric (EP) and gas engine (GP) power sources. While faithful to the original, this model has also been optimized to deliver stable flight performance with the unique high position of the power source. Almost fully factory assembled, only a short time is required for completion so you can enjoy the nostalgia and majestic form of this realistic recreation of the Macchi seaplane as its graces the skies once more.

●Factory assembled ARF kit can be completed in only in a short time.
●Designed to be compatible with both EP and GP.
●Pre-painted one-piece FRP fuselage and tail fin produce excellent strength and sealing.
●Molded FRP nacelle is compatible with either engine or brushless motor.
●Equipped with battery bed for easy adjustment of the center of gravity.
●Lightweight balsa structures of main and horizontal tail wing are covered with high quality ORACOVER film.
●Divided main wing allows compact transport.
●Independent left and right ailerons. Flapperon movement is possible with R/C system featuring a mixing function.
●Includes extension cable for motor power.
●Includes linkage parts and decals.

Includes mount compatible with 2-cycle 35-36 size engines. Design matches power to deliver nimble maneuverability.

400-500W class brushless motor can be installed with minor modification. Compatible with your preferred power source.

R/C radio and battery room can be easily accessed through a nose hatch. The hatch area is waterproofed for peace of mind.

Main wing halves are joined with a carbon pin that allows for compact transport and storage.

An expert color finish to the FRP fuselage is complimented by high quality ORACOVER film on the balsa main and tail wings.

While faithful to the original design, the water contact area of the R/C model’s hull has been modified for improved takeoff performance.


■Length: 1,125mm
■Width: 1,300mm
■Weight: 2,050g approx.(EP) / 2,000g approx.(GP)
■Motor: 400-500W class brushless motor (sold separately)
■Engine: 2-cycle 35-36 class (sold separately)
■Battery: 11.1V-3,200-3,600mAh Li-Po(sold separately)
■Wing Area: 29.6dm2
■Wing Load: 67.6-69.3g/dm2 approx.
■Wing Type: similar to Original Clark Y
■R/C System: 4-channel, 4-servo 1ESC (EP) / 4-channel, 5-servo (GP)(sold separately)
■Propeller: D10 x P6-D11 x P7 (sold separately)
■Fuell: 190cc

< Required for Operation >
●R/C System/ 4-channel, 4-servo + 1ESC (EP)/4-channel, 5-servo (GP) for airplanes
●400-500W class Outrunner type Brushless Motor (recommended: No.70022 Plane 30 Brushless Motor S/17/11)
●2-cycle 35-36 Engine
●11.1V-3200-3600mAh Li-Po
●ESC for Brushless Motor (45A minimum)
●Battery charger
●Fuel, Starting tools
●D10 x P6-D11 x P7 Propeller
●52mm Spinner
●Connector for battery
●200mm Y extension cable for aileron x6(EP)/x8(GP)
●Specified batteries for transmitter (EP,GP) and for receiver (GP)