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No : 11082

JAN : 4548565238316

On Sale From : February 2014


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Recreation of the 1926 Schneider Cup winner!
Fly the breathtaking quality of this ARF plane in both EP & GP!

The nostalgic era of 1920’s seaplane racing is symbolized by the competition between Europe and America for the Schneider Cup. This was a time when seaplanes were faster than land-based aircraft and the Schneider Cup won and lost records and reputations for the world’s best aeronautical engineers. In the year 1926 America had won the Cup two years in a row and in order to prevent a 3rd straight American victory, Italy’s Macchi Aeronautica launched the MACCHI M39. And what a stunning victory it achieved to re-establish the reputation of MACCHI around the world. The glory of this historical racer has been faithfully restored as a 1/5 scale model with a high quality one-piece FRP fuselage and tail fin with balsa main wing. The MACCHI’s beautiful form has been recreated in stunning detail that exceeds any factory-finished airplane and would even be suitable as an interior display model. However, this model is at home flying through the air and the design is compatible with both EP and GP power sources. With Kyosho’s unique design and construction know-how, this model has been optimized to produce precision control and stability. As the kit is nearly fully pre-assembled, only a short time is needed to get this magnificent scale seaplane racer ready for flight.

●Almost fully pre-assembled ARF kit only needs a short time for completion.
●Design is compatible with both GP and EP power sources.
●Pre-painted one-piece FRP fuselage and tail fin delivers exceptional strength and rigidity.
●Parts needed to fit engine and brushless motor are included.
●Equipped battery bed makes center of gravity adjustment easy.
●Balsa main and tail wings are covered in Oracover film.
●Main wing can be separated into halves for compact transportation.
●Features independent left and right ailerons. RC systems with mixing function can also provide flaperon control.
●Includes linkage parts and decals

This R/C model is not a toy!
Correct assembly and maintenance and choice of appropriate flight location is required for the safe operation of this model. Failure to use responsibly and perform required safety checks can cause fatal accidents. Beginner flyers should never fly solo.

Design is compatible with both 50-class engine and brushless motor specifications. Kit includes all parts required for both power sources.

Features one-piece FRP fuselage and tail fin. Exquisite paint finish rrecreates the appearance of the original in stunning realism.

FRP material accurately recreates the complicated curvature and fine level details. Large engine cover opening makes maintenance easy.

Main wings are connected by a carbon pipe and can be detached for easy transport.

Original floats have been optimized in this model design to produce superior lift off the water without compromising scale appearance.

Rudder control input is connected to a water rudder. Enables free taxi across the water and maintains direction even when tail lifts.


■Length: 1,300mm
■Width: 1,600mm
■Weight: 3,500g (EP) / 3,300g (GP)
■Motor: 800 – 1000W class brushless motor (sold separately)
■Engine: 4-cycle 56-70 / 2-cycle 46-55 (sold separately)
■Battery: 14.8V-5000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
■Wing Area: 42.2dm2
■Wing Load: 78.2-82.9g/dm2
■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical
■R/C System: 4-channel, 4-servo, 1 ESC (EP), 4-channel 5-servo (GP) (sold separately)
■Propeller: D13 x P6 – D14 x P8 (sold separately)

< Required for Operation >
●RC System / 4-channel, 4-servo 1-ESC (EP), 4-channel, 5-servo (GP)
●800-1000W class Outrunner type brushless motor. Recommended: No.ORI66801 Team Orion Avionics Flight Pack 50 for airplanes
●4-cycle 56-70 / 2-cycle 46-55 engine (GP)
●14.8V-5,000mAh Li-po(Recommended: No.ORI60079 TEAM ORION AVIONICS LIPO 5000 14.8V (35C)
●70A (minimum) ESC for brushless motor
●75mm Spinner (EP・GP)
●Charger for Li-Po, balancer (EP)
●Fuel and starting tools (GP)
●D14×P6-D14×P8 propeller (EP), D12×P6-D14×P7 propeller (GP)
●Connector for Li-Po battery (EP)
●200mm Y extension cord for aileron servo x 1 (EP・GP)
●200mm extension cords for servos x 2 (EP), x 3 (GP)
●Batteries specified for the transmitter (EP, GP) and battery for receiver (GP)