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Big airplane fits neatly into trunk of a car! Separable fuselage and main wing make it easy to transport! Convertible between EP and GP versions! Ideal introduction to real low wing flight!

Technical Data

■Length: 1,600mm
■Width: 1,800mm
■Weight : (EP) 3,900g (GP) 3,700g
■Motor(EP): 800-1200W class backplate mounted outrunner brushless (sold separately)
■Engine (GP): 2-cycle 60-65 class (sold separately)
■Battery (EP): 14.8V 5,000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
■Wing Area: 60.6dm2
■Wing Load : 61.0-64.3g/dm2
■Wing Type : Original semi-symmetrical
■Propeller : D12xP6-D14xP8 (sold separately)

Kit Content

Requirement to Run

<Required for operation>
●4ch (minimum), 5 servo+ESC(EP) or 6 servo(GP) RC system for airplane
●800-1200W backplate mounted outrunner brushless motor(EP)
●2 cycle 60-65 engine(GP)
●D12xP6-D14xP8 propeller(EP), D12xP6-P8 propeller(GP)
●100mm Y extension cord x 2 for aileron(EP/GP)
●300mm extension cord x 2 for ailron(EP/GP)
●500mm extension cord x 2 for rudder and elevator(EP/GP)
●14.8V 4,000-5,000mAh Li-Po battery(EP)
●Battery charger with Li-PO balance charging feature(EP)
●Fuel, engine starting tool(GP)
●Battery for receiver(EP/GP)
: If the battery cannot use the ESC BEC power, a separate Rx battery unit is required.(EP)
●52-70mm spinner(EP/GP)


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