EP Micro Helicopter Minium AD CALIBER 120 Readyset 20101RS
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No : 20101RS

JAN : 4548565110223

EP Micro Helicopter Minium AD CALIBER 120 Readyset 20101RS

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Lightweight full function electric helicopter fits on the palm of your hand and features cyclic control with the included gyro and 4-channel radio system!
Enjoying flying backwards and hovering around your living room.
The revolutionary innovation of MINIUM series has produced a new breakthrough in the form of a technologically sophisticated full-function micro helicopter. Similar to large helicopters, the CALIBER 120 is the first production-model palm-top sized helicopter to feature cyclic control enabled through the 4-channel, with pre-mounted gyro. Other small helicopters have only used tail-rotor and motor control to govern lateral and vertical movement, but this sophisticated machine uses a built-in swash plate with stabilizer and main rotor to allow free control for hovering, left / right and up / down movement to recreate a breathtakingly real helicopter flying experience. Optimal use of carefully tested materials result in a strong structure weighing only 30g that realizes both easy maneuverability and keeps damage to a minimum in the event of a crash. The durable main rotor can take hard contact with the ground and offers a far more rewarding flying experience compared to toy helicopters. The amazing flight performance is proof the ultra lightweight design has eliminated all barriers to real helicopter flight. As with all MINIUM models, this one comes as a completely pre-assembled Readyset. With pre-flight setting adjustments complete, simply insert batteries in the transmitter and charge the included Li-Po battery from the built-in battery charger and get ready to takeoff from your dining table for a joy flight around your living room. Imagine hovering and touching down on the coffee table! The CALIBER 120 is much more than flying a machine, it is an opportunity to experience the fascination of helicopter control!

■全長 205mm 
■全幅 45mm 
■ギヤレシオ 7:1 
■全備重量 約30g 
■プロポ 2.4GHz4ch専用プロポ 
■メインローター径 179mm 
■テールローター経 45mm 
■操縦方式 メイン:サイクリックピッチコントロール / テール:モーター回転制御