2.4GHz 2-Channel Helicopter ROBOHOPPER SII 20202RS
Excl. Tax: ¥3,800 Incl. Tax: ¥4,180

No : 20202RS

JAN : 4548565145546

2.4GHz 2-Channel Helicopter ROBOHOPPER SII 20202RS

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Economical price. Ultra-easy sky walking!
Flying robot uses a 2.4GHz system that allows up to 25 models to fly at the same time!
Gently lift off from the palm of your hand to take an air-walk around the room. Simply use the transmitter to charge the Lithium Polymer battery in the model and you’re ready for lift off. Unlike commonly available toy R/C helicopters, this model operates on 2.4GHz frequency to deliver total control stability and allows up to 25 models to be flown at the same time. The fun you can have with the Robo Hopper is only limited by your imagination, so why not show your friends who’s boss in a competition. The super lightweight body is designed to withstand a degree of contact so you can take on new challenges with confidence. In the event of a breakage, parts such as the rotors and pilot can be replaced. Add four AA-sized alkaline batteries (sold separately) to the transmitter (oxyride batteries cannot be used) that also acts as a battery charger and you are ready for the lighthearted fun of this is unique helicopter experience.

■全長 227mm
■全幅 160mm
■全高 159mm
■全備重量 約 13g

●2.4GHz 2ch送信機(充電機内蔵)