R/C EP CROSS COUNTRY CAR Cadillac Escalade White 30274W
Excl. Tax: ¥16,500 Incl. Tax: ¥17,820

No : 30274W

JAN : 4548565101337

R/C EP CROSS COUNTRY CAR Cadillac Escalade White 30274W

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Take the new challenge from Mini-Z. Incredible running power in a palmtop size!
The birth of the first of its kind in an off-road car!
Equipped with internally integrated precision R/C mechanisms and also long stroke suspension has delivered a new running freedom. A big hit the world over, the Mini-Z has now evolved into an authentic off-road SUV (Sports Utility Vehicle). Suspension system combines shocks on each wheel, A-shape swing arms and parallel rods, with unique patterned pneumatic rubber tyres. Having made its name as an indoor car, the Mini-Z is now ready for the conquest of off-road terrain! People will voice their amazement at the running power beyond their imagination. Equipped with a diff lock function as standard, hill climbs of 45 degrees will get eaten for breakfast! With its realistic and detailed form, and cat-like handling flexibility, there is plenty of excitement in the tank of this off-roader!

■全長 136~151mm 
■全幅 70~74mm 
■全高 48mm 
■グランドクリアランス 11mm 
■ホイールベース 95~110mm 
■トレッド(F/R) 60~64mm 
■タイヤ(F/R) Φ 30×10(11)mm 
■ギヤレシオ 13.6、12.2、11.1、10.2:1 
■全備重量 約210g 
■モーター 130クラス 
■アプローチアングル 53° 
■デパーチャーアングル 40° 
■最大登坂能力 45° 
■最小回転半径 250mm

●注)送信機用単3乾電池8本、走行用単4アルカリまた はニッケル水素電池4本は別売。