R/C EP FORMULA CAR Ferrari 248 F1 No.5 SP Limited (without Transmitter) 30508MS
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No : 30508MS

JAN : 4548565111916

R/C EP FORMULA CAR Ferrari 248 F1 No.5 SP Limited (without Transmitter) 30508MS

Formula machine packed with special features for extra speed and without transmitter.
The one and only palmtop racing machine with both performance and ultra-real styling.
With a chassis only 182mm long, who could believe an advanced R/C Formula-1 racer like this could fit on the palm of your hand! Featuring a high-frequency FET speed controller that delivers powerful yet sensitive traction control and brake function, as well as providing precise steering response that allows drivers to show all their skills. Only four AAA-size alkaline batteries are needed to provide about 1 hour run time and a huge range of optional parts and Officially-licensed bodies and color schemes bring out the excitement of real F-1 racing. The SP Limited version also includes special racing parts for drivers on a quest for ever more speed. Packaged without transmitter, the SP Limited makes an ideal 2nd or 3rd machine for your high-performance lineup.

King-pin and coil suspension system delivers both racy control characteristics and blistering speed.

Rear suspension features special coil and twin arm swing system for superior surface tracing and controlled traction.

Equipped with bevel-type differential gears to deliver stable cornering. Includes selection of 4 different pinion gears so settings can be changed to match racing conditions.

Smooth steering control is realized with the high resolution steering servo. Mass concentration from the one-piece structure contributes to superior maneuverability.

Includes pre-installed FET amp with brake function. Produces powerful drive from the motor and minimizes loss with smooth acceleration. Also features braking function.

Finished in the finest detail down to the graphics on each driver helmet. Wing design and underside of the body are also recreated with great care.

■Tread (F/R)
190g (approx.)
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●Fully factory assembled chassis with R/C system (with brake & reverse) and linkages installed.
●Pre-painted plastic body complete with graphics
●Pinion Gears - 4 types
●Removable clear bumper
●Wheel Wrench
< Required for operation >
●AA-sized batteries x 8 for transmitter
●AAA-sized batteries (alkaline or Ni-MH) x 4 for chassis