R/C EP TOURING CAR Volkswagen Golf R32 Metallic Blue 30567MB
Excl. Tax: ¥20,000 Incl. Tax: ¥21,600

No : 30567MB

JAN : 4548565077304

R/C EP TOURING CAR Volkswagen Golf R32 Metallic Blue 30567MB

Advanced technology and performance condensed into Mini-Z size.
AWD and 4-wheel independent suspension begin a new stage in Mini-Z history!
The temptation for Kyosho to recreate the same high performance and style of a true AWD (all-wheel-drive) in Mini-Z size was simply too much to resist. The advanced design combines a shaft driven AWD with a precision 4-wheel independent suspension using a king-pin and strut system in an ultra-compact chassis. The addition of newly designed front and rear differential units using crown and pinion gears produces high efficiency drive performance with similar low levels of resistance to the existing 2WD version. Also, the addition of the AWD drive train hardly increases the weight of the chassis at all, enabling the benefits of AWD to be realized without any downside. The final result is a powerful chassis with awesome handling. The narrow 65mm width of the chassis also matches a wide range of the exquisite car bodies that the Mini-Z is famous for. The design also allows for personalized setting adjustments such as easy toe angle changes with optional parts. This AWD chassis introduces a completely new dimension to the high-tech world of micro racing.

■全長 131.5mm ■全幅 65~70mm ■全高 43mm ■グランドクリアランス 4mm ■ホイールベース 90mm(M), 94mm(L) ■トレッド(F/R) 56.5~59.5mm / 54.0~59.5mm ■タイヤ(F/R) Φ25×8.5mm / Φ25×8.5mm or 11mm ■ギヤレシオ 7.2/6.4/6.0/5.7/5.3/5.0/4.5 : 1 ■全備重量 約135gモーター 130クラス

●R/C ユニット組込済み工場完成シャシー
●※写真は、日産スカイラインGT-R R34 V-spec II Nur(ホワイト)です。