1/10 EP 2WD r/s ULTIMA RB6 30858
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No : 30858

JAN : 4548565223664

On Sale From : January 2014

1/10 EP 2WD r/s ULTIMA RB6 30858

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World Champion DNA embodied in a fully assembled Readyset!
Based on the ultimate buggy chassis with brushless unit and 2.4GHz R/C system installed!

Shortly after winning the 2013 Japan National Electric Off-Road Championship, the Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 claimed the 2WD Racing Buggy World Championship! This world champion chassis has been enhanced with easy control and handling in this Readyset. The black anodized Duralumin main chassis provides superior strength and durability in combination with the uniquely designed resin side guards to maintain rigidity in pitching direction while using flexibility for roll direction. In addition, increased height of the chassis bottom under the rear unit limits contact as well as produces greater stability and control under a wide range of conditions. The inverted gull wing shape of the rear suspension arms realize progressive shock movement that makes it hard for the suspension to bottom out and utilizes the full range of suspension stroke to deliver secure road grip. The set is fully equipped to race with advanced setting parts such as 3-stage caster angle adjustment. At the center of the power train is a sensorless brushless motor that delivers more than enough power through the ESC specially designed for the RB6 that can be used with either Ni-MH or Li-Po batteries. A pre-cut and pre-painted body is also included in this fully pre-assembled Readyset that only requires a charged battery for the chassis and batteries for the transmitter to run. This world Champion machine is designed to be easy to drive and the Readyset delivers this in an unbeatable package.

●Design based on the 2013 electric off-road World Champion ‘RB6’ chassis.
●Fully factory assembled Readyset.
●Installed 2.4GHz R/C system features KS-201 steering servo with aluminum heatsink case.
●Perfex KT-201 transmitter features large LCD screen and various additional functions.
●Kv 2700 sensorless brushless motor is pre-installed.
●Large capacity ESC ‘R10 sport’ with switch delivers plenty of power output.
●Servo saver included as standard.
●Turnbuckle tie rods and upper arms can be adjusted without removal.
●Replaceable bushes allow 3 caster angle settings: 4°/2°/0°.
●Features one-piece steel front wheel shafts.
●Rear motor mount specification provides easy control on any course.
●Features one-piece shock caps.
●Compatible with Ni-MH and Li-Po batteries. (Deans type connector)
●Reinforced idler gear delivers tough performance.
●Screw in clamp aluminum hex wheel hubs on rear provide secure traction and precise rotation.
●Slipper clutch included as standard.

Based on World Champion chassis with enhanced drivability. Fully factory assembled Readyset brings world-class performance within easy reach. Rear motor mount specifications deliver superior control under various course conditions.

KS-201 servo with aluminum heatsink is installed as standard. Equipped with servo saver that protects against unexpected kickbacks and steering crank that delivers optimal akerman ratio.

Reverse threaded turnbuckles on front and rear upper arms and tie-rods make setting easy. Also, caster angle can be set to 4°/2°/0° by inserting bushes into the hubs. Tread can also be adjusted by inserting bushes in reverse direction.

Hardened black anodized duralumin chassis features symmetrical arrangement of screws and machine cut raised rear unit minimizes changes to posture if contact with objects is made.

Can be used with both Ni-MH and Li-Po batteries. Unique shape of resin side guards provides flexibility while maintaining the rigidity of pitching direction. Precision adjustment of rigidity is possible with the number of mounting screws used.

Features resin big bore shocks with dial adjustment. Reverse gull wing shape of the suspension arms realizes non-linear shock movement that produces effective damping function even in shallow movement and prevents bottoming out during deep suspension stroke.

Features Kv 2700 sensorless brushless motor. Specially designed ESC delivers plenty of capacity for a machine even one class up. Promises powerful output right through to the end of the race.

2.4GHz R/C system requires no frequency band selection and is ready to operate as soon as it is switched on. Syncro KT-201 features LCD screen for easy adjustment of various settings.

Includes fully finished body printed in vivid color scheme that has been pre-cut to match the chassis. Delivers the aerodynamic effect and the form of the world champion machine.


■Tread (F/R)
221mm/201mm (precision adjustment of front with bush direction)
80 x 29mm/86 x 43mm
■Gear Ratio
2.6:1 (2nd)
1,620g (approx.)
Kv 2700 sensorless brushless
R10 sport
■R/C System
2.4GHz 2ch Perfex KT-201

●Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
●Complete printed body
●2.4GHz Syncro KT-201 R/C system installed
●1.5, 2.0, 2.5mm L hex wrench
●Cross wrench for wheel nuts
●Battery/Ni-MH 7.2V-2200-5000, Li-Po 2-cell 7.4V-4000-5000(Deans type connector)
●4 x AA sized alkaline batteries for transmitter