1/8 EP 4WD KIT INFERNO MP9e 30895
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No : 30895

JAN : 4548565150694

1/8 EP 4WD KIT INFERNO MP9e 30895

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The latest version of the legend of off-road racing, the Inferno series, is now available as a race-ready, full-blown competition electric version!

Developed to win under any conditions, the MP9 already features state-of-the-art technology from design experience that can only come from winning seven IFMAR World Championships – more than all other manufacturers combined in its class. More than three decades of top-level racing and research and development have resulted in the refinement of special molded composites and space-age alloys that deliver the best performance and durability. It means that the foundation of the MP9, and now the MP9e, are optimized to take full advantage of the best technology and materials to win on World-class around the globe. There are no compromises – it’s simply built to the best 1/8 off-road racing buggy ever. The MP9e ushers the legendary Inferno series into the brushless age with a kit specially designed to get the most performance from a powerful brushless electric motor. It would be easy enough to make a conversion without any development, just based on the strength of the nitro-powered MP9 platform alone. But, the MP9e has undergone additional development above and beyond the nitro machine to ensure that it’s optimized for brushless power. It’s been exhaustive tested on racetracks around the world for over a year, and the MP9e is the result.

●Low center of gravity 3-differential full-time 4WD shaft drive with 4-wheel independent suspension.
●Full set of precision, high-spec ball bearings.
●Compatible with wide variety of optional parts.
●Fine tune for optimal race settings with adjustments to wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber.
●Front hub carrier features 3 different caster settings.
●Roll center can be adjusted on the upper AND lower suspension arms.
●Bolted rear wing holds firm, even under severe shocks.
●Lightweight design with compact front and rear differential units produce one of the lightest electric models in its class.
●Hinge pins are captured using capped bushings instead of E-rings to minimize the steps required for maintenance or suspension adjustment.

■Ground Clearance
325mm(4 settings available by adjusting the rear hub collar.)
■Tread (F/R)
254mm (3 settings for the rear and 2 settings for the front by changing the bushings.)
sold separately
■Gear Ratio
3,370g(with 4000 Li-Po)
< ReadySet Contents >
●1 Module Steel Pinion Gear
●Clear MP9e Body
●Hex Wrench
●Cross Wrench
●17mm Wheel Wrench
< Required for operation >
●2-channel, 1-servo R/C System for cars
●BL ESC (Brushless Speed Control)
●BL 1/8th Scale Motor (Brushless Motor)
●6cell NiMh / 2s or 3s Lipo Battery Pack : Part #: PEK00530 (Li-Po Power 5400 45c (7.4v/Deans Plug)) Part #: PEK00544 (Powerflo Lipo 4000 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) ) Part #: PEK00545 (Powerflo Lipo 5000 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) ) Part #: PEK00546 (Powerflo Lipo 3500 30c (7.4v/Deans Plug) )
●Battery Charger NiMh or Lipo
●Batteries for transmitter
●Wheels & Tires
●Shock Oil