PLAZMA Lm MAZDA 787B 1/12 EP 2WD Racing KIT 30924
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No : 30924

JAN : 4548565241422

On Sale From : January 2014

PLAZMA Lm MAZDA 787B 1/12 EP 2WD Racing KIT 30924

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Amazing new PLAZMA combines stunning detail with dynamic performance!

The potential of the PLAZMA Ra has been unleashed at electric racing events around the world and developed a reputation as a trend leader in 1/12 electric racing machines. Now a new star has risen with the PLAZMA Lm that incorporates the racing DNA of the PLAZMA Ra with the stunning detail and scale parts of MINI-Z class models. To deliver on the concept of a scale model with high-level performance, rubber tires have been replaced with sponge tires while maintaining the highly detailed scale form in a kit packed with racing features. From racing circuits to parking lots, the power of the PLAZMA Lm is on display.

●Rear ride height can be adjusted to 5 levels with 1mm spacers on the rear axle.
●10. Radio compartment is large enough to comfortably fit standard size servo, ESC and receiver. (Mini-servo from Ra can also be installed).
●Smooth ball diff from the PLAZMA Ra is included as standard.
●Features pre-glued sponge tires that deliver strong grip on all surfaces. KYOSHO RACING and degree of hardness are printed on sides of tires. 【H-38】 H indicates H rubber (material) and 38 is degree of hardness.【L-25】 L indicates L rubber (material) and 25 is degree of hardness.

PORCHE 962C scale body includes bolt-on front/rear LED light base, door mirrors, wipers, and antenna and dummy duct intake parts.

Includes two bodies. Plain body for you to paint as you like and a printed semi-completed body that takes only a short time to finish. Simply apply sponsor logos and install decorative scale parts.

Features the same king pin & coil spring-type suspension on front as the PLAZMA Ra. Natural FRP T-Bar governs the rear with pitching and side roll damper that requires minimal adjustment and maintains the settings for a long period.

Pitching is regulated through a center shock with a fixed volume diaphragm + roll is controlled via a friction tube. (Kyosho logo lazer etched)

Main parts such as aluminum motor mount are lightweight and anodized in KYOSHO’s signature red color.

Equipped with large plastic diffuser for improved rear traction. Can be removed with three screws when not used.

Drive shafts fully equipped with ball bearings. (total 9)

Brush-type G20 motor installed.


■Gear Ratio
1:3.875 (24T/93T)
900g approx.
G20 motor

●Unassembled chassis kit
●Instruction manual
●2-channel, 1- servo and ESC Brushed Type (see ESC specs for battery compatibility)
●Li-Po battery
●Battery charger for chassis battery
●Batteries for R/C system