SCORPION XXL VE (White) 1/7 EP(BL) 2WD Buggy Readyset RTR 30973T1
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No : 30973T1

JAN : 4548565209064

On Sale From : October 2012

SCORPION XXL VE (White) 1/7 EP(BL) 2WD Buggy Readyset RTR 30973T1

Menacing looks and performance to match!
Looks BAD, runs good! Easy to run, tough on the competition!
The new Kyosho Scorpion XXL combines the dynamic off-road performance craved by off-road racers with easy drivability of a XXL scale off-road machine. The slow, typically lazy response of current big scale models make it more difficult to find suitable locations to race them. Kyosho creates a whole new and exciting reality for large scale fans, delivering a machine that's slightly more compact, but features the explosive performance and lightning-quick reflexes of a finely-tuned racing machine.

Completely new chassis design! The 3mm main chassis features a molded "perimeter" frame that results in rock-solid rigidity. In addition to providing superior suspension travel, the low shock mounting position of the front "gull" arms keeps the shocks as low as possible for maximum cornering speeds and exceptional stability over the roughest surfaces. This is complimented by a modern rear suspension typical of 1/10-scale race cars, strengthened to produce a robust suspension system for this big machine. The front suspension and steering geometry result in superior large-scale handling like never before.

●The receiver box is just the right size for the compact KR200 receiver. The mounting position is as far as possible from the electronics to reduce potential interference.
●Features hex type screws for secure assembly and sharp looks too.
●The molded front and rear shock towers feature ultra rigid construction for precision performance, while allowing just enough flex to maximize durability.
●Molded roll bar and roof can be installed with dummy fog lamps. Roll bar is already pre-installed on the Readyset.
●Includes a wing mount that allows installation of the rear wing from the Inferno MP9 (optional). Slight modification to wing is required.

Large 3D-shaped air intakes are installed on the sides of the body, directing cooling air over the motor and ESC to keep running temperatures cool and power output at maximum!

The in-line layout of the RC system including motor and battery adds increased agility for a larger scale model. The battery tray, with unique adjustable sliders, is compatible with various Orion batteries in the 2-4S range.

Equipped with a slipper clutch that can be easily adjusted. It protects the gears and smooths acceleration from the BIG Orion motor.

To match the Scorpion's dynamic chassis design, Kyosho has incorporated a unique and ultra-powerful VE system from world champion brand Team Orion. The waterproof VORTEX R8WP has been selected for the ESC while the large type VORTEX 7 motor is standard. Both work optimally in combination with a 4-cell Lipo battery to deliver blistering acceleration and performance.

Steel turnbuckle linkage rods included. Camber angle and toe angle can be quickly and easily adjusted by drivers looking to fine-tune performance.

The superior design of the front suspension results in less steering resistance, giving the Scorpion more "light" and responsive steering than is expected in a large scale machine.

Rear hub carriers have plenty of thickness. 17mm aluminum wheel hubs are the same as those used on 1/8 buggies and trucks, greatly expanding the tire and wheel choices.

Factory-installed high-torque KS203 servo features a durable metal gears.

The 2.4 GHz KT201 transmitter provides precision control and displays the settings for each function on the LCD screen such as EPA and ABS brakes. The KR200 receiver features a fail-safe setting, and a high torque KS203 servo with an aluminum case and metal gears is also included in the factory-assembled Scorpion XXL VE. Only batteries for the transmitter and 2 to 4S LiPo batteries are required to experience the powerful performance and pure excitement of big-scale off-road buggy racing.


: 630mm
: 402mm
: 244mm
■Wheelbase: 452mm
■Wheeltred(F/R): 353mm / 331mm
: Φ130×43mm / Φ140×71mm
■Gear Ratio
: 16.0:1
: 4000g(with body)
: Orion Vortex 7 Brushless

< Readyset Contents >
●Factory assembled chassis with 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C unit
●Syncro KT-201 trnasmitter
●Pre-painted body
●Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX 7 brushless motor
●Pre-installed Team Orion VORTEX VE-XXL ESC
●Cross wrench
< Required for operation >
●Battery for chassis: 7.2~14.4 LiPO battery with super plug connector

●Battery charger compatible with balance charging
●4 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter