GP 4WD MONSTER TRUCK MFR Readyset. XxX-rogatiy-XxX 31183T
Excl. Tax: ¥57,000 Incl. Tax: ¥61,560

No : 31183T

JAN : 4548565107070

GP 4WD MONSTER TRUCK MFR Readyset. XxX-rogatiy-XxX 31183T

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Run light and fast! Get airborne! Emerge unscathed from a 2 meter drop test!
Feature-packed with 4WD + 2-speed A/T + New QRC transmission + electronic starter in a Readyset package!
Experience the breathtaking performance that transforms any open space into an off-road battleground. A newly developed triple-floor structure realizes amazing strength and rigidity in the largest 1/10 class machine that successfully delivers both a low center of gravity and deep stroke suspension. The wide tread unique to big tire machines results in an almost square wheelbase which combines with minimal overhang dimensions to produce devastating running performance. The drivetrain is equipped with two-speed automatic transmission and a strengthened New QRC transmission. Feel the machine's blistering acceleration as it launches from a standing start and smoothly reaches its maximum speed and takes any kickbacks from the surface in its stride while the 3rd channel switch on the transmitter shifts the machine easily into reverse. Optimal balance corrects the posture as it hits the ground on jump landings without skipping a beat and delivers sharp acceleration. This ultimate combination of power and performance is delivered in a Readyset package so you can unleash the beast straight out of the box. An electronic starter makes engine starting easy too so simply add batteries (sold separately) and fuel (sold separately) to get going. The heart thumping excitement of wild off-road racing starts right here with the “MFR”!

■全長 505.5mm
■全幅 418mm
■全高 230mm
■グランドクリアランス 63mm
■ホイールベース 347.5mm
■トレッド(F/R) 338mm / 338mm
■タイヤ(F/R) Φ145×80mm / Φ145×80mm
■ギヤレシオ 前進(1速)24.3:1 / 前進(2速)15.6:1 / 後進(1速)28.0:1 /
■全備重量 約3,270g