1/8 InfernoGT2 RACESPEC r/s 458 Italia 31838
Excl. Tax: ¥63,000 Incl. Tax: ¥68,040

No : 31838

JAN : 4548565232901

On Sale From : March 2014

1/8 InfernoGT2 RACESPEC r/s 458 Italia 31838

Kyosho adds the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 to the legendary Inferno GT2 Line-up!!

The Ferrari 458 Italia is already considered one of the most influential designs of the modern era, and possibly in the history of Ferrari. But that’s only its looks. Being a Ferrari, the most provocative bits lay under the skin, and Ferrari delivers the goods under the hood as well. Its direct-injected 4.5-liter dual overhead cam V8 engine is coupled to a 7-speed transmission, and it accelerates the 458 to the 100 kp/h mark in just 3.3 seconds, top speed is over 200 mph, and the street version pulls more than 1.33G on the skid pad. It’s quite simply it’s a complete package and one of the most desirable supercars of the 21st century.

The Ferrari 458 is now part of the Kyosho Inferno GT2 legacy, which created the GT class of car back in 1996. Available with the convenience of a ready to run, both brushless electric powered and nitro powered models are available. The diversity of the GT2 line-up expands with an official, factory-licensed replica of the Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 race car body. Like the street-going version of the 458, the GT2 (Ferrari’s designation) features the same award winning styling and design, with the added benefit of the broader shoulders in the form of more robust wheel wells, and numerous other vents and aerodynamic features to make it a better race car. The Kyosho body even includes real headlight buckets with the yellow tinted lenses, typical of those used in LeMans and ALMS race cars in their respective classes.

The Kyosho GT2 chassis is based on a World Championship winning design, which features very durable suspension components, adjustable four-wheel independent suspension with oil-filled shocks, a rugged and low-maintenance shaft drive system with an adjustable automatic two-speed transmission, front and rear gear differentials for superior traction, and solid steel driveshafts with front universals. Getting power to the ground are large diameter wheels fitted with low-profile rubber tires that are factory-mounted.

The nitro-powered car features a .25 c.i. nitro engine (4.1cc) features a high-performance rear exhaust port coupled to a polished aluminum tuned pipe, combined with five performance-enhancing transfer ports for outstanding power. An automatic centrifugal clutch with replaceable springs and shoes, gets the power to the drive system.

No matter which version of the GT2 you choose, a nitro or brushless electric-powered version, you’re going to have one of the fastest, toughest, biggest and best looking RC cars on the market. Speeds of 60+mph are common right out of the box. No expensive add-ons are required to reach the speed claims either, which is common with other manufacturers. Only Kyosho has such an extensive line of official factory licensed body choices in this big scale, and the prestigious Ferrari 458 Italia GT2 puts the Inferno GT2 even farther ahead of the competition.

< Changed Specifications in the GT2 Race Spec >
●Hardened main chassis.
●Resin chassis stiffener.
●KE25 engine pre-installed.
●Equipped with 3PC clutch.
●Polished muffler and manifold deliver high power output.
●KT201 transmitter displays each setting on backlit LCD panel.
●Equipped with high torque KS-200 servos incorporating metal gears.

Added side guards prevent particles entering and provide increased impact resistance. 3 diff shaft drive full time 4WD chassis produces even higher levels of racing power.

Optimal displacement of the KE25 engine generates plenty of powerful drive energy. Premium grade polished muffler and manifold are included as standard.

Inferno MP-7.5’s superior suspension function has been optimized for on-road performance.

High grip tires combine with high strength wheels to deliver the edge in racing battle.

Includes the large capacity air cleaner. Maintains engine performance over long periods.

Front/rear independent disc brakes deliver reliable braking power. Thick brake discs minimize change in brake feeling from heat.

Engine’s power band used to greater effect with the shoe-type 2-speed transmission using gear ratio 1st 15 : 46 and 2nd 18 : 43.

150cc fuel tank delivers about 10 minutes per tank without refueling.

Kyosho's unique 2.4GHz “Syncro KT-201/KR-200” transmitter and receiver incorporate additional functions and are designed for easy operation.


■Tread (F/R)
F97mm ×40mm
■Gear Ratio
1st 10.14:1,2nd 7.90:1
3,650g (approx.)
■R/C System

●Fully assembled chassis complete with 2channel 2-servo control and linkages installed.
●Pre-cut and pre-painted body complete with decals applied
●PERFEX KT-201 transmitter
●Note) AA-sized alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter/receiver, and fuel are sold separately.