MA-020VE PRO Chassis Set 32170
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No : 32170

JAN : 4548565289493

On Sale From : November 2015

MA-020VE PRO Chassis Set 32170

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The latest MINI-Z AWD chassis evolves into the PRO class!

Brushless motor power and AWD was developed for the MA-020VE last year and is already evolving with a new advanced RC unit installed. With the mechanical components of the original MA-020VE in place, the new version features the same MHS (MINI-Z Hybrid Spread Spectrum) 2.4GHz system used on the MR-03VE PRO. The combination of brushless motor power and AWD with the fastest control response available makes this machine the highest spec in its series. The MHS 2.4GHz system was developed for use with the latest high-end SYNCRO EX-6 transmitter (sold separately) and delivers response 16 times faster than the ASF 2.4GHz system and KT18 transmitter combination, and 4 times faster than the KO EX-1. With faster processing speed and superior servo holding power, you can trace lines through corners like never before. Linear control feel and the unique AWD traction performance provide the ultimate edge in race competition. As the chassis is the same as the MR-03VE PRO, it is compatible with the existing ASF 2.4GHz system so owners of KT-18 and KO PROPO EX-1 transmitters can automatically setup during pairing.

●Brushless motor installed on AW-020 chassis as standard feature.
●Incorporates the ‘VCS’ front suspension from the MR-03.
●Features rear double wishbone suspension (DWS).
●Full ball bearing specifications include 14 ball bearings.
●Equipped with upper cover suitable for installing the optional gyro.
●ASF2.4GHz R/C system removes need to manage frequency bands. *Transmitter sold separately.
●Up to 40 cars can be run at the same time.
●Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response.
●Shipped pre-assembled in narrow tread and M size wheelbase configuration.
●Includes parts for changing to wide tread and parts for changing to L and LL wheelbases.
●Other setting changes can be made using I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
●Using the narrowest 65mm chassis design, most MINI-Z 01/015 body styles can be installed.
●Factory set steering with zero point specifications.
●Control timing of reverse can be adjusted.

The much-anticipated MA-020 chassis set installed with brushless motor has arrived. Shaft drive AWD produces an evolution in driving performance.

8500kV XSPEED VE brushless motor that delivers drive power to all four wheels is the perfect match for the AWD chassis.

Newly designed receiver cover features space for the optional gyro to be easily bolted on and removed.

DWS features downstop mechanism, ball-connected system on suspension shafts and friction damper that use grease to adjust level of damping force.

VCS optimizes camber in accordance with suspension stroke to deliver sure-footed traction and grip.


■Tread (F/R)
Φ25 x 8.5mm/Φ25 x 11mm(sold separately)
■Gear Ratio
7.2, 6.4, 6.0, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5 : 1
130g (approx.)
8500kV XSPEED VE Brushless

●Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
●Pinion gears (15T, 17T, 19T, 21T)
●Spur gears for wheelbases: 27T, 29T, 31T for M, L, and LL respectively
●Parts for changing wheelbase
●Parts set for changing front tread
●Pinion gear tool
●Spare nuts
●Wheel wrench
●ASF 2.4GHz KT-18 transmitter or MHS 2.4GHz EX-6 transmitter
●Auto Scale Collection (body set, wheels, tires)
●4 x AAA alkaline batteries or 4 x Ni-MH for chassis
●4 x AAA alkaline batteries for transmitter