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【Japan Market Only】Totally new driving experience! Deep suspension stroke and comical form! A new category of 4-wheel independent machines fits on the palm of your hand!

Technical Data

■Length: 204mm
■Width: 107mm
■Height: 85mm
■Wheelbase: 115mm
■Tread (F/R): 89mm / 85mm
■Tire (F/R): 13.5 x 36mm / 18.5 x 36mm
■Weight: 210g
■Motor: 130 class
■Battery: 4 x AAA alkaline batteries (sold separately)

Kit Content

< Kit Contents >
●Factory assembled chassis with R/C unit installed
●Factort finished polycarbonate body
●KT-18 transmitter
●3 pinion gears (11T,13T,15T)
●2 spur gears (33T, 35T)
●Pinion gear tool
●Pairing stick
●Wheel wrench
●Spare nuts for wheels

Requirement to Run

< Required for Operation >
●Batteries for chassis: AAA-sized alkaline batteries x 4 or Ni-MH batteries x 4
●Batteries for transmitter: <8 x AA sized alkaline batteries if using recommended EX-5UR>
< NOTE >
●Overtake function may work with R246 2.4GHz module adapter but is not guaranteed with transmitters other than Kyosho or KO 3-channel transmitters.
●The 2-channel KT-18 transmitter can be used without Chase Mode.


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