R/C EP 4WD Racing Buggy LAZER ZX-5 FS Unassembled Kit 32282K
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No : 32282K

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On Sale From : June 2012

R/C EP 4WD Racing Buggy LAZER ZX-5 FS Unassembled Kit 32282K

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Enjoy the satisfaction of building your own creation! Specially equipped kit delivers advanced performance!
Ultimate 4WD buggy performance in the palm of your hand!
The amazing running performance of this palm top size racing buggy has to be seen to be believed. Available in unassembled kit form, this addition to the MINI-Z buggy series will surprise even expert-level drivers. Gear ratio and slipper clutch can be set precisely to your liking right from the start on this unassembled kit that also includes a range of special parts as standard. Graphite main chassis significantly increases rigidity and strength to deliver robust reliability on the most severe racing surface conditions. The Xspeed V motor delivers powerful acceleration and maximum speed while the included tire inners produce stable grip performance on any surface to support dynamic and aggressive driving. Shaft drive 4WD + 2 diff drive train with slipper clutch combines with double wishbone 4WD independent suspension equipped with oil shocks to produce realistic buggy performance far in excess of its compact palm top size. Build, create and enjoy the dynamic performance of your own original machine!

■Tread (F/R)
89mm / 89mm
16 x mm/16 x mm
200g approx.
< Kit Contents >
●Unassembled kit chassis
●Polycarbonate clear body
●GF Main Chassis (Special equipment kit)
●Xspeed V Motor (Special equipment kit)
●Tire inners (Special equipment kit)
●Pinion gear 3-types (11T, 13T, 15T)
●Spur gears 2-types (33T, 35T)
●Pinion gear tool
●Pairing stick
●Wheel wrench
●Spare wheel nuts
< Required for Operation >
●3-channel transmitter for MINI-Z compatible with ASF 2.4GHz
●AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or NiMH batteries x 4 for chassis.
●Batteries for transmitter
●Paint for body coloring
●Assembling tools
< NOTE >
●Although using I.C.S USB Adapter and R246 2.4GHz Module Adapter while adjusting Chase Mode and using the I.C.S. function may work with 3-channel transmitters other than Kyosho or KO, operation of the overtake function (Chase Mode) cannot not guaranteed.
●2-channel KT-18 transmitter can be used, but without Chase Mode.