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Enjoy the satisfaction of building your own creation! Specially equipped kit delivers advanced performance! Ultimate 4WD buggy performance in the palm of your hand!

Technical Data

■Tread (F/R)
89mm / 89mm
16 x mm/16 x mm
200g approx.

Kit Content

< Kit Contents >
●Unassembled kit chassis
●Polycarbonate clear body
●GF Main Chassis (Special equipment kit)
●Xspeed V Motor (Special equipment kit)
●Tire inners (Special equipment kit)
●Pinion gear 3-types (11T, 13T, 15T)
●Spur gears 2-types (33T, 35T)
●Pinion gear tool
●Pairing stick
●Wheel wrench
●Spare wheel nuts

Requirement to Run

< Required for Operation >
●3-channel transmitter for MINI-Z compatible with ASF 2.4GHz
●AAA-size alkaline batteries x 4 or NiMH batteries x 4 for chassis.
●Batteries for transmitter
●Paint for body coloring
●Assembling tools
< NOTE >
●Although using I.C.S USB Adapter and R246 2.4GHz Module Adapter while adjusting Chase Mode and using the I.C.S. function may work with 3-channel transmitters other than Kyosho or KO, operation of the overtake function (Chase Mode) cannot not guaranteed.
●2-channel KT-18 transmitter can be used, but without Chase Mode.


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