INFERNO MP9 TKI4 Spec A 1/8 GP 4WD Buggy KIT 33007
Excl. Tax: ¥105,000 Incl. Tax: ¥115,500

No : 33007

JAN : 4548565322039

On Sale From : February 2017

INFERNO MP9 TKI4 Spec A 1/8 GP 4WD Buggy KIT 33007

Final check conducted individually by former world champion and Inferno developer Yuichi Kanai!
Semi-assembled kit can be ready same day for the big race!

Fine-tuned for continuous improvement by Yuichi Kanai, the new ‘Spec A’ version of the Inferno MP9 TKI4 is packaged as a semi-assembled chassis kit. Taking the previous TKI3 model’s reputation for speed to an extreme level, the new TKI4 features revised front/rear suspension that delivers improved cornering stability for sharper control. Recent demand for precision setting for aerodynamic performance is met with a newly designed body and rear wing that realizes both advanced cornering stability and traction. A thorough revision of all key components focused on delivering an edge in the heat of racing battle through superior maintenance, durability and reliability. In addition, the ‘Spec A’ version is semi-assembled with complex components such as Big Bore Shocks and ball differential pre-built using the special knowledge of skilled staff. Before shipping, Yuichi Kanai completes a final check of each model to ensure it meets the standard required for immediate racing success. Here is a model that is designed not only for advanced racers, but for anyone who wants to challenge 1/8 GP buggy racing at the highest level.

●Installation of R/C system such as receiver and servos and connection of linkages
●Painting of body and attachment of decals
(Body is pre-cut but requires opening of sections to suit your choice of engine head and exhaust).
●Tires and inners are required to be purchased separately and glued to wheels.
●Installation of engine, clutch, manifold and muffler. Assembly and installation of piping, linkages and air cleaner.
● Wing assembly and installation.

Differential assembly - checkpoint

Complete sealing is required to realize the maximum diff performance. Firstly, coating the shaft evenly in grease is required to maintain consistent cover of lubrication.


Sealant is also applied to the 4x4mm set screws on the diff case and then tightened. Screw tension is one of Mr. Kanai's critical control points.


Diff cases are filled with oil (#5000 for front & center, #3000 for rear). Oil volume in every diff is controlled at this quality checkpoint./p>


Spur gear is sprayed with cleaning fluid to remove oil. Washer has also been completely coated in sealant to prevent any oil leakage.


Movement is manually checked when spur gear is attached to the diff case. Of course front, center and rear are all checked.


Once movement of each diff is manually checked and cleared, excess sealant is removed with a brush. This completes the diff assembly stage.

Shock Assembly - Checkpoint

New φ1.5×5 hole pistons with #600 oil in front and #500 oil in rear have been adopted in the TKI4 shocks to improve performance over surface gaps.


Oil is filled after pistons have been attached to the shock shafts and inserted into the shock cases.


Diaphragms are lightly coated in oil to prevent shape changing when shock caps are fitted. Mr. Kanai says, "This process is a key step in shock assembly".


After shock caps are attached and the smooth up/down movement of shock shafts is confirmed, shock assembly is complete.

Geometry Checkpoint

Once an actual engine and R/C system have been installed to adjust the chassis height and alignment, measurement of front/rear shocks, front/rear upper arms and tie rods is conducted. Precise measurement of each machine produced is undertaken at this stage.


With its complete quality control process of assembly and setting, the ‘SPEC A’ represents the latest and strongest ‘works version’ machine ever released. Install your R/C system and engine to experience what it's like to compete at the highest level!


Assembled by specialized staff and individually checked by Yuichi Kanai. Critical components such as R/C setup and engine are semi-assembled so detailed checks can be conducted.

Pre-cut clear body balances turning and cornering capability with optimal traction for superior racing performance.

Front sus arms are reinforced with ribbing and an additional 2mm in length from the TKI3 to realize improved surface tracing and cornering.

Standard Big Bore Shocks have been enhanced with new φ1.5 x 5 holed pistons that deliver superior performance over surface gaps.

Front section features lengthened universal shafts and tie rods. Upgraded with reinforced ball end and tie rod combination.

New design rear wing has 2 additional fins and features detachable gurney flap to deliver improved stability over jumps and higher grip.

Wing stay is supported on a larger pedestal area for secure mounting that increases resistance to damage and maintains shape.

Newly designed air cleaner holder and fuel filter holder protects the fuel pipe to prevent engine trouble.

Tapered design of TKI4 dish wheels realizes increased strength compared to the pre-existing flat-type dish wheels.

■Length 490mm
■Width 307mm
■Height 180mm
■Ground Clearance 28mm
■Wheelbase 325mm (4 settings / by changing rear hub collar position)
■Tread (F/R) 254mm (rear 3, front 2 settings / by replacing bushes)
■Tires (F/R) sold separately
■Gear Ratio 11: 7 :1
■Weight 2,950g approx.
■Engine 21 class (sold separately)

●MP9 TKI4 pre-assembled chassis kit
●Special wheels
●Pre-cut clear body
●Fuel tube
●Linkage parts
●Logo decals

●2ch, 2 servo R/C system for cars
●21 class engine
●Muffler & manifold
●Tires & inners for 1/8 buggy
●Fuel bottle
●Plug heater
●Starter box
●Batteries for R/C system
●Oil for air cleaner (No.96176 HG air cleaner oil is recommended)
●Paint for body