1/20 Scale Cat Radio Control Cat330D L Hydraulic Excavator 56621
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1/20 Scale Cat Radio Control Cat330D L Hydraulic Excavator 56621

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‘Impressive’ is an understatement!
The ultimate 5kg diecast RC shovel!

The 30-tonne class CAT 330D L hydraulic shovel produced by America’s world-famous Caterpillar construction machinery company has been masterfully recreated by Diecast Masters as a large limited release 1/20 scale RC model!
The key feature in this 1/20 scaled down CAT 330D L is the zinc alloy diecast construction, as used in miniature car models; it’s not made of plastic. The heavy duty diecast construction is like no other RC model and weighs in at a formidable 5.6kg with the high-quality finish of diecast car manufacture that make it a feature display model for owners to be proud of.
Also, the model is fully pre-assembled and painted and therefore ready for immediate action with the included controller that operates rolling tracks, boom, arm, bucket, and rotating body, just like the real machine.
Mature and discerning eyes will appreciate the might and power of the CAT 330D L condensed into a 1/20 scale RC model.

 (About Diecast Masters)
Seen working at mines and construction sites, Diecast Masters from Hong Kong recreates these hard-working machines as diecast models. In addition to the main size of 1/50 scale, the Real Replicas lineup also includes 1/87 and 1/125 scale models in a high-quality collection.
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*About the CAT 330D L
Powered by a new generation ACERT technology engine, this hydraulic shovel works effectively on uneven and sloping terrain. With an operating mass of 34,500kg, the dimensions of the CAT 330D L are 11,150mm (L) x 3,290mm (W) x 3,350mm (H). In addition to the high efficiency engine and hydraulic control technology, high durability with operator safety and comfort are features recognized at construction sites around the world.

※This model is not HYDRAULIC.

The same Diecast construction as a miniature car model delivers an ultra-realistic 1/20 scale recreation of the CAT 330D L as an RC model. Includes compact and easy to operate 2.4GHz multi-channel controller.

Features engine hood that opens/closes like the original machine. Set and charge the stacked battery and add 2 x AA size batteries to the controller and anyone can enjoy operating this model.

Lights on the tip of the boom and engine sound can be turned ON-OFF independently by the button switch on the controller, creating a greater sense of scale realism.

Although the doors are non-opening, the head guard cap inside the cockpit is scaled down precisely. Stud plates that prevent slipping and various hoses also add a high level of detail.

Rotating belted track mechanisms are recreated in accurate detail, including sprockets, carrier rollers, track rollers and idlers.

Beam structure of the track frame provides firm support for the rotating upper body and tracks.

The left lever on the included controller moves the arm up/down and rotates the upper body left/right. The right lever operates the boom up/down and controls the excavation bucket. The button switch below-right of the left lever controls the lights equipped on the boom and the engine sound.

Button switch on top of the controller provides free control of the left/right tracks. Move the switch forward on the controller for the tracks to roll forward, and move the switch back for the tracks to roll backwards. Spin on the spot by rotating left and right tracks in opposite directions and pivot turn by rotating a track on one side only.

ReadySet includes XT30 2000mAh 7.4V 18650 Li-ion battery pack with connector x 1, USB charger. The battery takes approximately 3 hours to fully charge and provides approximately1 hour of operation.


■Length 520mm
■Width 178mm
■Height 182mm~480mm
■Weight 5.6kg


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●Fully assembled and painted chassis
●2.4GHz transmitter
●7.4V-2000 lithium battery for running
●USB charger
●AA battery x 2 for transmitter