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Experience various driving styles through different MINI-Z car categories

The MINI-Z lineup features sports cars, buggies and SUV’s. Pro-race spec models without transmitter as well as 2WD and 4WD versions are also available. For 2WD models, there are both FWD and RWD versions while the 4WD MINI-Z features AWD, just like real drift racing machines. The Mini-Z 4x4 has hard-core crawling capability.

Team Mini-Z

Tips movies to enjoy Mini-Z by kyosho development staff.

Definitively MINI-Z

The MINI-Z is a precision palm-top sized RC (Radio Control) car.
Drive, fine tune, drive, to learn the characteristics of your machine and driving technique.

Detailed exploded view diagram
Can be fully disassembled! Unlike toy RC cars, the MINI-Z is designed for tuning and includes a detailed exploded view diagram with the instructions. If your MINI-Z suffers crash damage, just disassemble and replace the broken parts. You can understand your MINI-Z inside out while replacing parts and following the instructions.