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2.4 GHz Digital Proportional Radio Control System SYNCRO KT-631ST 6ch Telemetry Tx/Rx Set (Mode 2) 82631M2

No: 82631M2
Jan: 4548565320165
Sale date: February 2017
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This intermediate-class 6ch transmitter and receiver set uses a telemetry system that displays information such as the receiver voltage and communication status (error rate) on the transmitter’s LCD screen.
Ideal for the Calmato α and models with retractable undercarriage and flaps such as the SQS Warbird Series, this set delivers secure signal transmission whether operating EP or GP models. The versatility of the Syncro KT-631ST Set allows use not only with aircraft but also with yachts, cars and DRONE RACER. In addition, the SENS port on the included KR-631WT receiver can also be used to connect the optional voltage sensor (No.82137-1) and temperature sensor (No.82137-2).

●Thin lightweight casing allows long periods of use without fatigue.
●Slip-resistant design of the sticks facilitates precision control with light touch.
●Stick length can be adjusted within a 5mm range.
●Line up includes Mode 1 for Japan and Mode 2 for other countries.
●Compatible Modes 1-4. These can be changed manually after purchase.
●ch5 and ch6 can be selected from the volume, toggle switch and 3-position toggle switch.
●Airplane, glider and helicopter modes can be selected (fixed pitch, variable pitch and 90°/120°/140°swash mode).
●Aileron difference can be set on airplanes with 2 aileron servos such as the Calmato α using ch1 and ch6.
●Safety alarm sounds when switched on and the throttle stick is not aligned with each switch position.
●KT-631ST and KR-631WT are equipped with a dual antennas to ensure reliable signal reception.

20 model memory / select airplane or helicopter type / model name / model copy / model reset / receiver low battery alarm setting / failsafe / sensor information display setting / stick mode / LCD brightness adjustment / factory reset / channel reverse / endpoint / channel display / 5ch, 6ch switch assignment / sub-trim / DR&EXP (ch1,2,4,5,6) / throttle curve / throttle hold / idle up / CH mixing (Elevon / V tail / Flaperon / Spoilon / 3 optional settings) / flight mode, idle up, throttle hold switch allocation /

Technical Data

■Number of Channels
6 channels
■Control Resolution
■Modulation System
FHSS telemetry system
Transmitter : W174×L89×H190mm
Receiver : W25.5×L47×H15mm
Transmitter : 400g (without batteries)
Receiver : 17g
■Power Source
Transmitter : 4 x AA alkaline batteries (6V)
Receiver : DC4-6.5V
■Antenna Output
Air: 500m, Land: 300m, Water: 150m

Kit Content

<Set Contents>
●KT-631ST transmitter
●KR-631WT receiver
●Battery box for receiver
●Switch for receiver
●Binding connector
●Instruction manual

Requirement to Run

<Sold Separately>
●8 X AA size batteries (4 for transmitter, 4 for receiver)
● No.82137-1 Voltage sensor
● No.82137-2 Temperature sensor


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