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The First Mini-Z

Mini-Z enbodies a sense of 'speed' that can be felt when you hold it for the first time.
It may sustain damage in a crash and the tires will wear down after driving.
But that's ok. Spare replacement parts and optional upgrades are available in abundance
to repair and customize to your specifications.
This is the difference between a 'toy R/C' and the advanced Mini-Z.

What is the Mini-Z Sports?

Mini-Z Sports brings the fun of R/C racing indoors with a complete set that includes pre-assembled chassis, ultra-realistic body and transmitter. For more than 15 years since its launch in 1999, the Mini-Z has thrived on ‘maximum performance’ with AAA alkaline batteries. With more than 1,500,000 cars sold, the 1:27-scale palm-sized racing dynamo delivers performance way beyond any expectation in more than 40 countries across the globe.

Install your favorite Auto-Scale Collection body style!

Designed and produced with immaculate care and miniature-car quality, the Mini-Z series is a reflection of the automotive industry's most distinguished creations from around the world including sports cars, racing cars, drift racers and classic cars. the Mini-Z success has been built on advanced technology and superior performance with beautiful exterior styling. So which would be your first choice? Any chassis purchased can be used with bodies from the optional ‘Auto Scale Collection’ Mini-Z car body range that can also be proudly shown as interior display models. Almost any automotive taste can be satisfied!

Choose from the huge line up of category

The Mini-Z series has a wide range of lineups ranging from 'SPORTS' series that you can play right away just by preparing batteries, advanced models to win in real 'RACE', 'BUGGY', 'SUV', and 'MONSTER TRUCK'. There are 2WD and 4WD drive systems, and the 4WD Mini-Z AWD is a genuine drift machine.