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Lets Try Drifting!

At just 7 inches in length, the Mini-Z only requires about 8x4 feet of space in your garage or living room. You don't need to go to a special race track. The AWD Sports is already fitted with special drifting tires, so all you need is to develop your drifting skills!

The MINI-Z AWD Sports promises a unique world of dramatic drift action for you to experience and enjoy.


The unique electronic control unit is incorporated into a compact, high-precision low center of gravity chassis design. With an adjustable wheelbase, various body styles can be fitted.

Drive System

Full time shaft drive 4WD system. The layout of the 4WD specification (MA-020S) mounts the motor on the left of center.

Differential gear

When a car drives through a corner, the inner track is different to the outer track, but the Mini-Z Sports is equipped with a bevel-geared differential as standard to deliver smooth cornering.

Front Suspension

Developed 'VCS' (Variable Camber Suspension) progressively increases camber angle as the suspension compresses, keeping the front tires at the optimum angle no matter how hard you're cornering. The VCS also delivers a neutral steering feel without creating unpredictable "bump-steering."

Rear Suspension

Strut-type suspension delivers high reliability and reduces changes in alignment.

Includes the 2.4 GHz Perfex KT-19 transmitter that automatically manages frequency bands.

*OPTION:KT-432PT transmitter (For people who are determined to drive the Sports Series further)


The special transmitter for the Mini-Z Sports Series operates on FHS2.4GHz. Equipped with trim to operate the optional light unit.

Syncro Touch KT-432PT

Advanced R/C system featuring a full color LCD touch display allows each setting to be changed on screen, just like on a smart phone. In addition to its high performance response, essential settings in real R/C cars such as endpoint and exponential can be displayed graphically.


Tune your machine to change performance.Customize to show your own style.

The Mini-Z Racer Sports is a great machine for fun driving but it also packs serious ‘racing car’ performance that can evolve into a pure racing machine with various optional parts. For drift driving, style is just as important as performance so boost your car’s presence with styling parts.

Three Recommended Items From the MINI-Z Product Development Lab
Camber Knuckle

Camber angle is the angle the tires face the track surface. It’s no understatement to say that this is the most important aspect for drift cars. The Mini-Z AWD Sports is equipped with camber knuckles for both front and rear. Conservative specifications and more radical specifications both work great!

ED Light Unit

LED Light Unit is easily mounted onto the AWD Sports. Some body types may require holes to be opened, but the effects of linking the front and rear lights to the throttle are exceptional. A trim on the transmitter can also be used to flash the lights for a totally awesome effect!

Gyro Unit

Compared to normal grip driving, controlling the chassis in drift driving is more difficult. But this amazing gyro unit stabilizes counter steer by detecting chassis movement and autocorrecting steering!

The popular sport of drifting is possible with the AWD Sports version of the Mini-Z. Drifting is not about the speed; it's about how precisely you control the "drift!"

At just 7 inches in length, the Mini-Z only requires about 8x4 feet of space in your garage or living room. You don't need to go to a special race track. The AWD Sports is already fitted with special drifting tires, so all you need is to develop your drifting skills!

Hold the turn with your driving skill while the rear of the car is sliding out to get a feeling for drifting.

Maintain a steady, round circle as practice for controlled cornering while drifting. Place an object on the driving surface for reference. Start the drift with full steering to the right or left, then pull the throttle trigger to full throttle. Gradually return the steering to neutral and perhaps counter-steer. During this sequence, the car will begin to "drift." Adjust the throttle and steering to circle the reference object you place on the running surface, while the car's tires are spinning. At first, try a circle of about a couple feet, then gradually reduce the turning radius to run a tighter circle.

Get used to driving a figure 8

Practice a series of drift moves around a couple of plastic bottles. Place the bottles on the running surface about 6 ft. apart. Drive in a smooth figure 8 pattern to practice drifting. Once you have mastered the figure 8, then you can add more objects to increase the complexity of the course

How to enter into a drift from a straight line. Approach with a steady speed and practice the two following techniques.
Use counter-steering (flick).

Approaching the corner with a steady speed, quickly "flick" the steering to the left, then back to the right to initiate the drift. You'll have to counter-steer at some point to exit the corner in a straight line.

With throttle work.

Approach the corner with a steady speed, then briefly let off the throttle, and then quickly apply full throttle as you steer into the corner to initiate the drift. Once sliding (oversteering), you may need to adjust the throttle and/or the steering angle to maintain a proper radius.