1/10 Scale Radio Control 12-15 Engine Touring Car Series PureTen GP 4WD V-ONE R4s II 33206
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No : 33206

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On Sale From : May 2017

1/10 Scale Radio Control 12-15 Engine Touring Car Series PureTen GP 4WD V-ONE R4s II 33206

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In addition to short oil shocks and optimized chassis roll, the essence of the Evo. is embodied in this 2nd generation version.

Having been at the forefront of the racing scene for rubber-tired pure racing models, the V-ONE R4s (referred to as R4s) has taken another evolutionary step with this minor change. In addition to the incorporation of key components from the highest specification version of the V-ONE R4 Evo. (referred to as Evo.) that maximized racing speed from the high power output of modern engines, each section has been refined to deliver the superior performance of this new V-ONE R4s II version. The change to shorter oil shocks has delivered the most significant improvement. By optimizing the standard short-type oil shocks used in electric touring racing for this GP touring car, both lower center of gravity and increased maneuverability have been achieved. In addition, the shape of the radio plate combines with main chassis material and weight reduction grooves based on the Evo. to effectively use chassis roll and mechanical grip to deliver improved grip balance. Further refinements complete the R4s II package to take performance and finish beyond expectations.

●Specially designed for engines with rear exiting exhaust as preferred by rubber tire users.
●Features short type shocks and springs. Optional springs released at the same time as the kit provide scope for setting adjustment.
●Feel improved overall grip balance through chassis roll from the specially designed R4s II main chassis.
●Black FRP radio plate contributes to optimal chassis roll for improved road grip feel.
●Gear diff equipped on front section provides increased scope for setting adjustment.
●Centrifugal clutch requires no adjustment (separate clutch shoes).
●Most standard parts and optional parts for the Evo. can be used without modification to further increase performance and customization.

Equipped with new short-type oil shocks and springs. Shock cases are 2mm shorter than the oil shocks for the R4s, but piston diameter is 1mm wider to maintain the same capacity as the standard shocks.

Includes special R4s II shock stays made from FRP. 3 mounting positions on front and 5 on rear make it easy to find optimal setting positions.

Lower center of gravity is realized with the shorter oil shocks that deliver both superior maneuverability and running stability. In combination with the newly designed radio plate, chassis roll is effectively utilized for outstanding running performance.

Specially designed R4s II main chassis is based on the main chassis for the Evo. with revised weight reduction grooves in the rear section. Superior roll characteristics with rubber tires realize improved overall grip balance of the chassis.

Features the same fully enclosed radio box as the Evo. for improved crash resistance. In addition to protecting the receiver from fuel oil during refueling, wiring problems are also greatly reduced.

3D design of the wing shaped front bumper from the Evo. delivers superior aerodynamics for improved cornering stability as well as formidable styling.

Separate centrifugal type clutch does not require adjustment. A wide range of optional clutch shoes and clutch springs are available to set to your preferred clutch feel.

The 2-speed gear is set to the gear ratio suitable for the low to medium speed layouts often used at Kyosho Cup events. (Adjustment is required for high-speed layouts).

Oil-filled front and rear diffs provide wide scope for setting adjustment. #300000 silicone oil for front diff and #4000 for rear are included, but you are free to change according to your preference.


■Length 368mm
■Width 200mm
■Height 105mm
■Wheelbase 258mm
■Tread (F/R) 174/170mm
■Gear Ratio 1st gear 8.13 : 1 / 2nd gear 5.6 : 1
■Tires 1/10 rubber tires (sold separately)
■Weight 1,650g (approx.)
■Engine 12-class engine with rear exiting exhaust (sold separately)


<Kit Contents>
●Unassembled chassis kit
●1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 5.0mm L-shaped hex wrench
●Cross wrench (small)
●Silicone oil (#300000/#4000 for diff / #500 for shocks)


<Required for Operation>
●2ch~3ch transmitter & receiver for R/C cars
●Servos x 2
●Batteries for transmitter
●Batteries for receiver (flat type)
●12~15 class engine with rear exiting exhaust / manifold / muffler
●Glow fuel for R/C models
●Engine starting equipment (starter box, fuel pump, plug heater)
●200mm wide touring car body
●Paint for coloring body
●Rubber tires
●Tire inners
●Various tools
●Instant glue