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Built with more than 30 years of flight trainer design experience! Aerodynamic efficiency combines with brushless motor power for optimal beginner flight performance!

Technical Data

■Length: 1,173mm ■Width: 1,400mm ■Weight(when fully loaded): 1,900g ■Wing Area: 36.4dm2 ■Wing Load: 52.1g/dm2 ■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical ■Propeller: D11×P7

Kit Content

Requirement to Run

<Required for operation>
●R/C System: 4ch, 4-servo
●Brushless ESC: 45A+ (*No.ORI62054 Avionics is not compatible)
●LiPO Battery: 11.1V-3,200~3,700mAh
●Charger: Compatible with balance charging
●Batteries for transmitter


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