CHRISTEN EAGLE II Plane Set (Rainbow) 10654RA
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No : 10654RA

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CHRISTEN EAGLE II Plane Set (Rainbow) 10654RA

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This airplane set without transmitter is ideal for adding the high performance of a biplane to your collection!
The amazing MINIUM airplane series that changed the world of micro-sized R/C flight forever, now introduces the sharp maneuverability and small turning circle of a biplane.
The cambered wing and lightweight finish produce optimal lift that allows the biplane to fly long and slow without stalling while its optimal wind resistance allows the plane to adapt for a wide speed range. The 30g weight of the airplane is driven by a large diameter propeller and a powerful 8mm motor (previous versions used 6mm) to generate about 30g of thrust for an excellent thrust to weight ratio that results in plenty of power for stable flight performance. This fully pre-assembled model is supplied without transmitter so current MINIUM owners can use their existing transmitters. The fuselage is loaded with an ultra-small control unit with built-in amp, receiver and two servos and has all the linkages pre-set. The unique and exciting flight performance of this scale biplane is captured in the palm of your hand with the Kyosho CHRISTEN EAGLE II.

■全長 320mm ■全幅 360mm  ■全備重量 約30g ■モーター M8コアレスモーター ■翼面積 4.32dm2  ■翼面荷重 6.94g/dm2 ■翼型 カンバータイプ ■プロポ パーフェックス KT-17 2.4GHz3ch一体型専用プロポ(別売り) ■プロペラ D130mm×P70mm ■上反角 上翼 2°/ 下翼 6° ■スケール 1/17

●レディセット付属のパーフェックスKT-17送信機 / 機体スタンド兼用急速充電器 / 専用リチウムポリマーバッテリー