1/17 Scale SUPER SCALE FLYING MODEL aiRium A6M2b ZERO VE29 readyset with battery and charger (Light Grey) 10953RSBC-L
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No : 10953RSBC-L

JAN : 4548565195145

1/17 Scale SUPER SCALE FLYING MODEL aiRium A6M2b ZERO VE29 readyset with battery and charger (Light Grey) 10953RSBC-L

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The Zero Fighter ‘Model 21’ that stormed the skies of the Pacific joins the aiRium Series!
Readyset makes it easy to realistic flight performance and style!

The Zero Fighter ‘Model 21’ earned the respect of Japanese pilots for its dynamic dog-fighting performance, cruising range and responsive control, and for converting design objectives into real performance. As a critical strike weapon in Japan’s war strategy, particularly in the early part of the war, the historically significant Zero fighter has been recreated into an ultra-realistic model with a compact 650mm wingspan. Details including dummy engine, large drop tank and main landing gear with covers recreate the distinctive style of the Zero in display model quality. Kyosho’s unique design skills deliver a lightweight finish for the responsive control expected of a fighter plane so you can enjoy the model’s exquisite form in the air as well as on display. A durable pre-installed direct drive system powered by a brushless motor delivers smooth output so the Zero storms across the sky with great stability. The Readyset package comes with factory assembled fuselage pre-installed with a 2.4GHz R/C system that requires no frequency band control. With the Zero’s highly detailed and quality finish combined with powerful flight performance, it’s easy to get caught up in the dramatic world of the Zero Fighter ‘Model 21’.

●Almost fully factory assembled with pre-painted color scheme. Readyset requires only batteries for transmitter.
●Includes a large capacity 800mAh Li-Po battery and a special charger. Realized at a great value price.
●Delivers sharp response that will satisfy even expert-level fliers.
●Pre-installed KS-21 servos weighing just 5g for aileron, rudder and elevator control.
●Lightweight styrene main fuselage structure features special surfacing to enhance the highly detailed scale finish.
●Ground or runway takeoffs are possible. Pre-installed rudder connected tail gear provides steering control on the ground.
●Battery can be changed through the canopy hatch without removing the main wing.
●Main wing is fixed securely with lightweight nylon bolt and supports the sporty flight performance.
●Up to 26 models can be flown at the same time using the 2.4Ghz R/C system.


■Length: 534mm
■Width: 650mm
■Weight: 250g approx.
■Motor: AF400 BLS B/07/15 Brushless
■Battery: Team Orion Avionics 800 7.4V (30C) Li-Po battery
■Wing Type: NACA2408
■R/C System: 4-channel, 3-servo/1ESC
■Propeller: D7×P6
■Side / Down Thrust: 2°/ 2°
■Dihedral: 7°
■Flight Time: 9 minutes approx. (when using 800mAh Li-Po)

< Readyset Contents >
●Factory assembled fuselage
●AF400 BLS B/07/15 Brushless motor
●Sky Victory BLS10 (ESC)
●KT-21 Transmitter
●KS-21 servo x 3
●AF 7.4V-800mAh Li-Po battery
●AF Li-Po special DC balance charger
●Spare propeller
●Spare spinner
●Propeller spanner
●Philips (+) screwdriver
●Bind Connector
< Required for Operation >
●AA sized alkaline batteries x 8 for transmitter
●Note) Oxyride battery can not be used.