SQS 90-Class Scale Airplane SPITFIRE 90 with GENOAH G200PU 20cc E/G 11891ZG
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No : 11891ZG

JAN : 4548565126200

SQS 90-Class Scale Airplane SPITFIRE 90 with GENOAH G200PU 20cc E/G 11891ZG

See the Spitfire fly again in all its glory with an economical gasoline engine!
Replica retracts, flaps and camouflage color scheme!

The legendary WWII fighter credited with the rescue of England at the height of the WWII struggle has been recreated as an impressive and economical gasoline engine model. Elegant elliptical wings and the rounded form of the fuselage have been immaculately reproduced down to the finest detail, including retractable undercarriage and split flaps that also replicate the function of the original Spitfire. While the large size produces a calm and controlled flight style, the throttle can be opened up to generate the agile stunt flight of a fighter plane. Intermediate to advanced fliers will especially enjoy the sporty flying characteristics in a scale model of this detail. The economic benefits of gasoline versus more expensive glow fuel will also be realized over a period of time. The fuselage is mostly pre-assembled and includes gasoline engine with corresponding parts and the complicated camouflage color scheme of the original is also completed with printed film. Spectacular through the air and as a display, the SPITFIRE 90 gasoline engine version recreates the romance and drama of history.

●Equipped with the proven performance of the GENOA 20cc gasoline engine.
●Pre-covered in realistic ‘MasterCote’ camouflage printed film.
●Retractable undercarriage included.
●Equipped with split flaps.
●Includes easy to install engine mounts and collars.
●All main sections are pre-assembled.
●Includes fuel-resistant tube and piping system. Engine is made easy to mount with special collars.
●Lightweight pre-assembled balsa fuselage structure recreates the delicate curves and characteristics.
●FRP cowling complete with coloring.
●Two-sided main and tail wings for convenient transportation.
●Large wing area of the elliptical wing generates the low-speed stability of the original SPITFIRE.
●Includes: engine mount; fuel tank; pneumatic tires, and linkage parts
●Rudder-connected tailwheel for free taxiing control.

What’s different about a gasoline engine?

"Fuel efficient! Low cost!"
●More than twice as efficient as glow fuel engines. 1 tank provides more than 10 minutes of flight time.
●1 liter of gasoline is 170 Yen + 25cc of oil is 25 Yen (as of September 2008). Compared to glow fuel: 1 liter is 1,000 Yen. Gasoline engines are overwhelming cheaper to run.
●Fuel needs to be mixed. Gasoline 25-40 : 1 part oil mixture is suitable.
●Silicone tubes or other silicon parts cannot be used. All special parts that are required are already included.


■Length: 1,435mm
■Width: 1,820mm
■Weight: 5,000g (approx.)
■Wing Area: 60.28dm2
■Wing Load: 82.9g/dm2 (approx.)
■Wing Type: Original Semi-Symmetrical
■R/C System: 7-channel, 8-servo (sold separately)

< Included >
●Fuel tank for gasoline
●Piping parts for gasoline
●Engine mount, collar and nuts
●Pre-equipped with undercarriage
●Rudder connected tailwheel
●Linkage parts set
< Required for Operation >
●R/C System / 7-channel, 8-servo (7 x standard servos + 1 x low profile retract servo) for airplanes
●Propeller / D15xP8-D18xP6
●Gasoline and oil (mixing required)
●Φ95 Aluminum spinner
●Engine starting tools


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Best scale plane ever
Best rc scale model ever.perfect look and trim .great stability .easy to fly and perform.why it is discontinued? Its a lost in rc flying
Review by Wilbur / (Posted on 3/15/2019)