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Enjoy the stability of large-scale size and linear control! Retracts and flaps recreate real airplane atmosphere!

Technical Data

■Length: 1,430mm
■Width: 1,800mm
■Weight: 5,500g (EP), 5,300g (GP) approx.
■Motor: 2000W class brushless
■Engine: 2cy. 91-120, 4cy. 110-120 class
■Battery: 4-cell 14.8V-4000mAh, 2 x Li-Po series connected (sold separately)
■Wing Area: 55.3dm2
■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical
■R/C System: 7ch 10 servo+1 ESC (EP) / 7ch 11 servo (GP) (sold separately)
■Propeller: D16×P12~D18×P10 (EP), D15×P8~D18×P6 (EP) (sold separately)
■Fuel Tank: 430cc (included)

Kit Content

Requirement to Run

< Required for Operation >
●R/C System / 7ch (min.) 10 servo (EP) / 7ch (min.) 11 servo (GP)
●2000W class brushless motor (EP)
●100A (min.) ESC for brushless motor (EP)
●2cy. 91-120, 4cy. 110-120 class engine, starting tools (GP)
●Spinner nut
●Propeller: D16xP12 ? D18xP10 (EP), D15xP8 ? D18xP6 (GP)
●4-cell 4000mAh Li-Po battery x 2 (series connected), compatible charger (EP)
●No.ORI60072 TEAM ORION Avionics 4000mAh 14.8V 35c/ Li-Po Battery series connector (EP)
●Fuel, starting tools (GP)
●200mm Y extension cord x 4, 200mm extension cord x 8, 500mm extension cord x 4
●Batteries for transmitter (EP, GP) and receiver (EP, GP)
●Air pump (100psi or 7 bar)


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