R/C Electric Powered 2WD Racing Buggy ULTIMA RB5 SP 30074SP
Excl. Tax: ¥33,000 Incl. Tax: ¥36,300

No : 30074SP

JAN : 4548565128006

R/C Electric Powered 2WD Racing Buggy ULTIMA RB5 SP 30074SP

World-class 2WD racing buggy upgraded!
Modifications to key areas supercharge performance!
The thoroughbred of 2WD racing buggies trusted by drivers around the world, the ULTIMA RB5, has evolved to a new level of performance. Parts developed and proven at the World Championships have been strategically adopted into the ULTIMA RB5 SP such as the mid-sized rear suspension arms and short shock stays. In addition, the same Type-B rear hubs as used in the LAZER ZX-5FS and newly designed wheels deliver increased grip and traction. General strength and efficiency improvements throughout give the RB5 SP an edge in racing performance without compromising the original RB5's low C of G and maneuverability. The RB5 SP also incorporates the RB5's renowned setting and maintenance design features that allow differential adjustment simply by inserting a wrench and turning the wheel and adjustment of the Ackerman steering setting with spacers in the steering crank. Re-engineered for success, the RB5 SP has the race-winning potential to put the winner's trophy in your grasp!

■全長 380mm
■全幅 249mm
■全高 140mm
■ホイールベース 270mm
■トレッド(F/R) 221mm/201mm
■タイヤ(F/R) 別売
■ギヤレシオ 2.6:1(2次側)
■全備重量 約1,620g
■モーター 別売(12Tモーター推奨)