1/27 R/C EP TOURING CAR Porsche 962 C KH No.25 Suzuka 1000k 1989 Winner 30440AD
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No : 30440AD

JAN : 4548565107247

1/27 R/C EP TOURING CAR Porsche 962 C KH No.25 Suzuka 1000k 1989 Winner 30440AD

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No need for frequency crystals and up to 40 cars can be raced together. Chassis developed to be the fastest MINI-Z ever.
New generation 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer.
Newly developed 2.4GHz R/C system requires no frequency crystals and automatically scans open frequencies to use, allowing up to 40 cars to be run together. Simply switch the power on for stable control without interference. The fastest signal processing in the history of R/C results in almost instantaneous reaction to the driver's will for a more direct control feel. By pairing the transmitter to the chassis, a single transmitter can be registered and used with multiple 2.4GHz MINI-Z models. To match the latest R/C technology, a new generation LM chassis has been developed for even greater performance. The 3L size long wheelbase chassis enables the motor to be set 5.5mm lower (than the MM motor case) and laterally centered. In addition, small diameter wheels on the front and newly designed knuckle arms drop the chassis height by a further 1mm. The inclusion of friction shocks as standard significantly improve stability while the high capacity FET amp produces greater maneuverability, acceleration and high-speed performance. By using the I.C.S. function, settings such as the car's inertia feel with the throttle off, steering servo movement and changes to the amp's drive frequency can be managed. Combine with the 2.4GHz ‘PERFEX KT-18' transmitter to create the highest performance MINI-Z Racer ever.

□全長 132mm □全幅 75.6mm □全高 33mm □ホイールベース 102mm(3L) □トレッド(F/R) 66.9mm/64.6mm □タイヤ(F/R) Φ 23.5×8.5mm/Φ 27×11mm □ギヤレシオ 7.3、6.3、5.5、4.9:1 □全備重量 約130g □モーター 130クラス

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●R/C ユニット組込済み工場完成シャシー(FETアンプ搭載)
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