R/C EP TOURING CAR Toyota SPRINTER TREUNO AE86 Aero Version White 30532W
Excl. Tax: ¥21,000 Incl. Tax: ¥22,680

No : 30532W

JAN : 4548565180042

R/C EP TOURING CAR Toyota SPRINTER TREUNO AE86 Aero Version White 30532W

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The dynamic performance of shaft drive AWD, installed 2.4GHz Chase Mode!
Palmtop size package features gyro + drift tires for the ultimate drift driving experience!
The Mini-Z AWD incorporates four-wheel independent suspension and a shaft driven 4WD featuring gyro and drift tires as standard so drivers of any level can drift drive like a pro. The gyro corrects the chassis posture while drift tires produce proper angles for controlled drift performance, making this machine ideal for beginner training. Other features include the ASF 2.4Ghz RA-23T unit with Chase Mode for additional racing excitement.
The Chase Mode acts as a power limiter that restricts output to 70% of full throttle. However, when the opportunity presents itself, push the 3rd channel button on the compatible transmitter (sold separately) and output is instantly increased to 100% for a 3-second burst of speed. Inspired by the boost button on full-size formula racing machines, this new feature dramatically increases the intensity of racing action! The lead can change numerous times during a race with much more overtaking, adding greater excitement to your racing battles. Also, the Chase Mode can be set so the overtake button can only be used a certain number of times per machine (optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and computer are required). This allows you to apply a handicapping system by restricting the number of speed bursts each car can use, allowing beginners to compete on a more even footing with more experienced drivers. Of course this model also works with the previous ASF 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter for the MINI-Z Racer. As this set is packaged without transmitter it is ideal for existing owners of ASF 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racers, and makes an economical 2nd or even 3rd addition to your MINI-Z model lineup. Rubber tires are also included for standard grip driving. From drift driving to racing in the MINI-Z Cup, you can discover the fascinating world of model racing with the MINI-Z AWD.

Midship motor mount and shaft drive AWD combines with precision 4-wheel independent suspension to utilize traction for maximum driving performance.

Features 2.4GHz RA-23T circuit board that requires no frequency band allocation. Overtaking function of Chase Mode turns up the heat in racing.

Includes high grip tires for standard racing in addition to drift tires that deliver optimum drift control.

Resin universal swing shafts with metal cores are equipped on all wheels and realize unobstructed suspension movement for efficient transfer of drive power.

Includes rear suspension spacers for adjusting chassis height and 4 pinion gears and 3 spur gears for a wide range of gear ratio settings.

Toe-in angles on front and rear can be adjusted with the use of optional parts. Simple tie-rod attachment / detachment for easy maintenance.


<トヨタ スプリンタートレノ AE86 テクニカルデータ>
90mm (M)
■ボディ搭載時 トレッド(F/R)
Φ 25×8.5mm4本、ドリフト用タイヤ4本

< シャシーセット内容 >
●R/C ユニット組込済み工場完成シャシー
< 走行までに必要なもの >
●ミニッツ用ASF2.4GHz対応3ch送信機< 推奨:京商発売のEX-5UR ASF 送信機(No.82011)かKO製ASF対応3ch送信機 > またはパーフェックスKT-18(送信機(Tiki Tikiモードを使用しない場合)
●Tiki Tiki機能の調整とI.C.S機能利用時はI.C.S USBアダプター(No.82080)
●※ご注意: R246製2.4GHzモジュールアダプターを使用し、京商製・KO製以外の3ch送信機を使用した場合のオーバーテイク機能(Tiki Tikiモード)の作動は確認しておりますが、保証は致しかねます。 また、2ch KT-18送信機でも走行できますが、Tiki Tikiモードの起動はできません。