R/C EP Touring Car Audi R8 LMS Silver body/Chassis set 30533S
Excl. Tax: ¥22,000 Incl. Tax: ¥23,760

No : 30533S

JAN : 4548565180325

On Sale From : July 2012

R/C EP Touring Car Audi R8 LMS Silver body/Chassis set 30533S

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Double wishbone suspension is great to look at, great to drive, great to drift!
Chase Mode boosts racing excitement! Compatible with (optional) gyro!
The release of this special MINI-Z AWD chassis model incorporates the “Rear Double Wishbone (DWS)”as standard. In addition to the advanced double wishbone rear suspension, the chassis is mounted with a 2.4GHz one-piece RA-23T receiver-amp unit equipped with Chase Mode to charge up the racing excitement. The combination of precision control and easy operability from the 2.4GHz system allows you to enjoy high performance almost as soon as you take it out of the box. The precision structure of this micro-size AWD machine is comparable in its sophistication to 1/10 EP touring cars. The downstop mechanism, ball-connected system on the suspension shafts, and the friction damper with damping force adjusted with grease, provide a wide range of setting options. Precision geometry and link configuration realize effective mechanical grip for superior control. Compatibility with LL-size wheelbase body styles expands the driving experience even further. Optional gyro can be installed in the upper cover so throttle and steering control is automatically corrected to smooth the rough edges of driving, making it even easier for beginners to enjoy the fun of driving and drifting.

Precision control for racing and drifting. Sophisticated structure is impressive even to look at.

Equipped with 2.4GHz RA-23T that automatically manages frequencies. Chase Mode adds extra excitement to racing. Matched in stylish black color.

Popular optional double wishbone suspension is pre-installed on rear. Packaged at an affordable price without transmitter, tires and wheels.

Ball connected suspension shafts with adjustable angle improves performance over bumps. Features adjustable toe angle and includes two types of rear suspension holder.

Features screw-in adjustable down stop and other setting options similar to 1/10 touring cars.

Optional gyro unit can be fitted inside the cover. Detects deviation and automatically corrects throttle and steering control. Promises improved driving stability.

Install the optional scramble flasher (sold separately) that lights up when overtaking mode can be used, flashes when it is active and goes out when not available.


Φ25.0×8.5 mm/Φ25.0×11 mm
7.2、 6.4、 6.0、 5.7、5.3、 5.0、4.5 : 1
約 140g

< シャシーセット内容 >
●スパーギヤ<ホイールベースM用27T、29T、31T><ホイールベースL用27T、29T、31T> <ホイールベースLL用27T、29T>
< 走行までに必要なもの >
●ミニッツ用ASF2.4GHz対応3ch送信機<推奨:京商発売のEX-5UR ASF 送信機(No.82011)かKO製ASF対応3ch送信機 > またはパーフェックスKT-18(送信機(Tiki Tikiモードを使用しない場合)
●Tiki Tiki機能の調整とI.C.S機能利用時はI.C.S USBアダプター(No.82080)
●※ご注意: R246製2.4GHzモジュールアダプターを使用し、京商製・KO製以外の3ch送信機を使用した場合のオーバーテイク機能(Tiki Tikiモード)の作動は確認しておりますが、保証は致しかねます。 また、2ch KT-18送信機でも走行できますが、Tiki Tikiモードの起動はできません。