1/10 EP 4WD r/s DBX VE 30842
Excl. Tax: ¥42,000 Incl. Tax: ¥46,200

No : 30842

JAN : 4548565143153

1/10 EP 4WD r/s DBX VE 30842

Works with both Lipo or NiMH batteries! So easy to achieve amazing speed!
Next generation power unit delivers top performance on any surface!

Feel the adrenalin rush with the first burst of high-torque acceleration! As the machine extends relentlessly through the power band, the impact of the acceleration can still be felt even at top end. The potency of the DBX VE's racing potential has also been supercharged with the power of TEAM ORION's VORTEX Experience brushless motor and the newly developed high-power ESC with high speed cooling fan. The color printed body included matches style to its dynamic performance. Built with the skill developed from Kyosho's many years of experience in off-road buggy design, EP buggy performance is now on equal terms with GP buggies. With the electric DBX VE, the action starts as soon as you load charged batteries,and there's no oil mess to clean up afterwards either. For an electrifying off-road racing performance like no other, let the DBX VE loose!

●Large capacity oil shocks absorb even the most severe impacts e.g. jump landings.
●Dial adjustment function on the shocks allows easy adjustment of chassis height.
●Pre-cut body features a specially designed four-color paint scheme and combines with the curved design of the large wing to deliver powerful down force.
●Chassis design provides wide scope for setting adjustments including chassis height, camber, tread and front and rear toe-in settings.
●Steering linkage design delivers wide steering angles.
●Equipped with dust-proof radio box that features a hatch for access to the frequency crystal.
●Aluminum wheel nuts fix wheels with pin-spike tires and inner foam supports securely on 6mm axles. Compatible with a wide variety of tires, including Pro-Line stadium truck tires.
●1/8 INFERNO wheels and tires can also be fitted with optional wheel adapters.
●Optional program box allows various setting changes to the ESC.


■Tread (F/R)
■Gear Ratio
Approximately 2,200g (with body)

●Factory assembled chassis with pre-installed 2-channel 1-servo ESC R/C unit
●PERFEX KT-6 transmitter
●Body complete with coloring
●Pre-mounted TEAM ORION VORTEX 10 brushless motor
●Pre-installed TEAM ORION Experience 2 Pro ESC
●Cross wrench
●Battery / Super Plug type 7.2 - 8.4V NiMH, 7.4V(2cell) LiPo
●Battery charger
●8 x AA-size alkaline batteries for transmitter