1/10 GP 4WD r/s DRT w/GXR-18 31082
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No : 31082

JAN : 4548565121687

1/10 GP 4WD r/s DRT w/GXR-18 31082

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Based on the popular DBX/DST platform, the new DRT is built in the spirit of the incredible desert and short course racing trucks that are rapidly gaining popularity in the US and around the world. The DRT features a 1/10-scale chassis with rugged 4-wheel independent suspension and oil shocks to absorb the rough terrain, a powerful .18 size (3.0cc) engine, and a dynamic 4WD system that features 3 differentials for the ultimate power management and performance. It's all wrapped in a factory-assembled Ready Set package, which means you can be burning nitro fuel in just a matter minutes.


●Four-Wheel Independent Suspension - Double A-arms and pivot ball steering knuckles form a rugged and agile suspension system. Common arms are used at all corners of the truck, allowing one pair of arms to repair any damage to get you back on the track as quickly and as inexpensively as possible.
●Shaft Drive - Shaft drive system with enclosed differentials gets more power to the ground and reduces maintenance.
●Three Differentials - As the only 1/10 vehicle to include three differentials, it regulates power for superior traction, especially in low-bite conditions, better than any other truck.
●Pivot Ball Suspension - Front and rear amber and toe angle are adjustable as a result of the pivot ball suspension design.
●Oil Shocks w/Threaded Pre-Load Adjusters - High-volume oil shocks smooth out the roughest terrain, and the threaded spring pre-load adjusters allow for quick and easy ride height adjustments.
●Scale Wheels and Tires - High grip rubber tires feature an aggressive trade pattern similar to full-size racing truck tires. They're also factory mounted on scale racing-style wheels.
●GXR18 Engine - The powerful and easy to tune GXR18 engine features a slide carb for quick throttle response and reliable, cost saving pull starter.
●105cc Fuel Tank - Run times of more than 10 minutes can be expected from the oversized fuel tank, and a quick-fill lid allows the tank to be refilled while the engine is running.
●Factory Painted Body - The bold scale looks of the DRT are factory painted and a perfect match for the rugged chassis. The body completely covers the chassis and wheels, so you can enjoy close fender-to-fender racing.
●High-Impact Front and Rear Bumpers - New bumpers at the front and rear of the truck prevent damage from big collisions and bad landings.
●Inferno-Type 2-Shoe Clutch - A two-shoe clutch with scissor-type springs delivers strong, smooth acceleration, and it can be tuned with optional springs to suit track conditions and driver preferences.
●High-Capacity Air Filter - Upgraded to the larger Inferno Readyset air filter for the ultimate protection against dirt and debris.
●Common Suspension Components - The same upper and lower suspension arms are used on every corner of the truck, so only one of each is needed to fix a broken arm on any corner of the suspension.
●Dual Disc Brakes - Disc brakes are mounted fore and aft of the center diff, much like the Inferno-series racing buggies. This permits brake bias adjustment with a simple twist of your fingers on the knurled adjuster.

■Tread (F/R)
215mm / 215mm
Φ100×40mm / Φ100×40mm
■Gear Ratio
2,300g Approx.
GXR18 with recoil starter
< ReadySet Contents >
●Factory-assembled chassis with control linkages complete
●Equipped with special muffler and manifold
●Finished pre-painted body
●Perfex KT-6 / 2-channel 2-servo R/C system pre-installed
●Pre-mounted GXR18 engine fitted with recoil starter
●Note) Fuel, AA-sized batteries X 12 for R/C system and engine starting tools are all sold separately