GP MT-4WD r/s FO-XX 31228
Excl. Tax: ¥58,000 Incl. Tax: ¥63,800

No : 31228

JAN : 4548565255825

On Sale From : September 2014

GP MT-4WD r/s FO-XX 31228

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A new type of basher truck influenced from the actual Formula Off-Road racing trucks!! The FO-XX is a pure scale truck based on the Mad Force series! A large intense scale 4WD truck for Bashers!!

3-speed automatic transmission and rigid axles combine with paddle type power this heavy-duty shaft-drive 4WD chassis over the roughest terrain with sure-footed confidence. Also, the long wheelbase and low down suspension combine to deliver superior mid to high range speed performance and the new KE25 engine and its welded manifold and tuned muffler polished to a stunning gleam realize both ease of use and high power output. From tarmac to the roughest off-road, the FO-XX is easy to control over any type of surface. And it is available full pre-assembled in a Readyset package including the advanced 2.4GHz Synchro KT-200 R/C system that eliminates the need for frequency bands. In addition to the full setting options available on the transmitter, the KR-200 receiver features a failsafe function that throttles down in the event the radio signal is lost or interrupted. With the FO-XX s advanced design and performance features, the excitement of monster truck action is in your hands!

●Solid casings on the front and rear rigid axles with oil filled differentials provide efficient traction and tune ability.
●New scale looking body with integrated roll cage and molded rooftop! Front inner fenders protects chassis from incoming roost!
●New rugged bumper with integrated headlight buckets that are LED compatible!
●High efficiency drive train is fully ball raced with 20 ball bearings.
●New low profile radio box protects R/C components from dust and dirt.
●New large paddle type tires and 6 spoke wheels!
●Flip top style body mounting for ease of maintenance.
●Industry standard 17mm wheel hexes allows use of virtually all available monter truck sized wheels and tires!
●Parts are compatible with already available Mad Force series parts and option parts!

Includes pre-painted formula off-road body. Hinged front opening allows for easy maintenance.

Front is equipped with fender and inner cover that prevents dirt from the tires getting inside while also complimenting scale appearance.

The polished welded manifold and tuned silencer compliment the grey anodized head on the easy to start KE25 engine.

Includes removable intake limiting reducer. Minimizes lean mixture from over tightening of the needle and allows easy and safe break-in of the engine.

Low height radio box allows realistic recreation of scale body form and realizes a lower center of gravity for improved cornering and driving stability.

With plenty of suspension stroke, the optimal suspension arm position at 1G delivers improved maneuverability. High strength suspension arm delivers tight handling.

3-piece clutch shoe produces smooth gear mesh and efficient power while the 3-speed transmission delivers powerful traction and extended acceleration.

Paddle tread pattern tires deliver tremendous running power. 17mm wheel hubs are compatible with both Inferno and market size wheels.

Feature-packed 2.4GHz KT-200 transmitter allows settings to be freely adjusted. High–torque KS-203 servo incorporates precision metal gears for strength and accuracy.


■Length: 545mm
■Width: 383mm
■Height: 248mm
■Ground Clearnace: 54.5mm
■Wheelbase: 360mm
■Tread (F/R): 312mm / 312mm
■Tire (F/R): Φ155×70.5mm / Φ155×70.5mm
■Gear Ratio: 25.7 / 19.8 / 15.6:1
■Weight: 4,200g
■Engine: KE25 with pull starter

< Readyset Contents > J
●Factory assembled chassis
●Pre-painted body
●Pre-installed 2.4GHz Synchro KT-200 R/C system with powerful KS203 servos
●Pre-installed KE25 engine with linkage already set up
●Hex wrenches (1.5,2.0,2.5,3mm) / Cross Wrench / 17mm wheel wrench
< Required for Operation >
●8 AA-size alkaline batteries (4pcs for transmitter, 4pcs for receiver)
●Glow igniter
●Fuel bottle