V-ONE R4 SP 1/10 GP 4WD Touring Car KIT 31266
Excl. Tax: ¥66,000 Incl. Tax: ¥72,600

No : 31266

JAN : 4548565203086

On Sale From : July 2012

V-ONE R4 SP 1/10 GP 4WD Touring Car KIT 31266

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Flagship of the Pure Ten GP series!
Upgraded to incorporate the latest specifications!

The V-ONE R4 was released in March 2011 combining a low center of gravity with a lighter drive train and comprehensive rigidity throughout the chassis. Unlike other GP touring cars to this point, the light front and rear differentials delivered superior cornering speed and effective use of engine power with finger-tip throttle feel. With the upcoming World Championships in focus, the V-ONE R4’s performance edge has been sharpened for battle-readiness. Durability of the drive train has been enhanced to meet the demands of advanced high-power engines. Selected optional parts are included as standard in the kit to lift the machine’s potential while all-steel machine cut bevel gears on front and rear diffs minimize wear and mitigate the effects of dirty diff oil to maintain high performance over a longer period. Hardened precision machine cut material is used in the 2-speed transmission that is equipped with a lightweight 1st gear one-way holder and a lightweight 2nd gear holder. Optional steering rod is also included. Heat treated SK material provides extra hardness. The chassis provides the critical base of the machine’s performance. This model features the SP Main Chassis used by Team Kyosho drivers. With its characteristic sharp steering response and improved rear traction, all carbon plate parts have been changed to US carbon material. A one-piece engine mount secures the engine firmly in place while the rear suspension holder and yellow springs on front and rear also deliver a high grip feel. The fully featured V-ONE R4SP with its wide scope of setting options is equipped to meet the demands of any racing conditions. Now you can experience the satisfaction of owning a state of the art racing machine and take your ambitions as far as you want!


: 368mm
: 200mm
: 104.5mm
■Wheelbase: 258mm
■Tread (F/R)
: 174/170mm
: Φ 62×26mm/Φ 64.5×30mm
■Gear Ratio
: 7.18/5.09:1
: 1,700g
: 12 class (sold separately)

●Chassis Kit
●Servo horns compatible with major R/C system brands
●5.0mm L-shaped hexagonal wrenches
●Cross wrench (small)
●2-channel, 2-servo R/C system for cars (with mini receiver)
●12-class car engine with rear exhaust (P-shaft specification)
●200mm touring car body set
●Engine starting tools (starter box, 7.2V battery x 2, plug heater)
●Glow fuel
●Paint for body
●Batteries for R/C system