MINI-Z MR-03VE PRO w/MM2 motor mount 32782
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On Sale From : July 2016

MINI-Z MR-03VE PRO w/MM2 motor mount 32782

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Pure racer with new MM2 motor case delivers
huge increase in performance limits when cornering!

16 times faster than the previous ASF 2.4GHz system + KT-18 transmitter combination and 4 times faster than the ASF 2.4GHz system + KO PROPO EX-1 combination, the ultrafast response of the MHS 2.4GHz system and the MR-03VE Pro chassis set is ideal for JSCC class racers in the MINI-Z Cup. With its performance defining midship motor mount, new MM2 motor case allows the longer (94mm) wheelbase to be used. The existing MM motor case design can be used with the LL (98mm), 3L (102mm) and 4L (106mm) wheelbases, but the new MM2 motor case can be used with L, LL and 3L wheelbases. Also, compared to the existing RM motor case, mass balance is optimized to improve cornering performance and minimize tipping due to high side on hybrid surfaces. These performance features provide a huge advantage in the JSCC class with the narrow body required by the regulations. In addition, axle adjustment spacers allow changes to the rear axle shaft height and together with the new plastic friction shock, precision setting according to road surface conditions are possible. The benefits of the MM2 motor case combine with the ultra-responsiveness of the MHS2.4GHz system in the advanced MR-03VE PRO chassis for psychokinetic-like response and a linear control feeling that realizes the ultimate goal of improved lap times.

●MR-03 chassis set installed with brushless motor enables mid motor mount with L wheelbase.
●Rear axle shaft height can be changed with axle adjustment spacers.
●Equipped with new shape plastic friction shock as standard.
●MHS 2.4GHz system delivers the fastest control response in MINI-Z history.
●I.C.S. system can be used with conventional manager for the VE
●Features full ball bearings, ball diff (blue anodized), and gold plated battery terminal specifications.
●Compatible with optional parts for the MR-03 chassis.
●Unique front suspension (VCS) changes camber in accordance with suspension stroke.
●Compatible with ASF 2.4GHz system. **Transmitter sold separately.
●Equipped with digital servo incorporating coreless motor.
●Coil spring on the front suspension can be easily replaced by removing the spring stopper with just two screws.

MM2 motor case enables mid motor mount with L wheelbase. Cornering performance limits are lifted and tipping from high side is dramatically reduced.

Chassis height can be adjusted to 3 different levels with rear axle height adjustment spacers that allow setup to be optimized according to road surface conditions.

New shape plastic friction shock absorbs movement from all directions in the rear suspension to deliver increased driving stability.

The ball diff essential in a true racer is installed as standard. Realizes smooth differential and high speed cornering performance.

Equipped with the sufficiently powerful proven Xspeed VE ECO Tune brushless motor (5600KV).

Ultrafast response of the MHS 2.4GHz system can only be realized in combination with the optional Syncro EX-6. When used with the KT-18 transmitter, specifications revert to conventional ASF 2.4GHz system.


■Length: 120-128mm
■Width: 65-76mm
■Height: 37.5mm
■Wheelbase: 94.0-102mm(94, 98, 102)
■Tread (F/R): 56.5-63.0mm
■Tire (F/R): φ25 x 8.5mm(sold separately) / φ25 x 8.5-11mm(sold separately)
■Gear Ratio: 7.3, 6.3, 5.5, 4.9:1
■Weight: 135g
■Motor: Xspeed VE ECO Tune brushless motor

< Kit Contents >
●MR-03N-MM2 factory assembled chassis installed with Xspeed VE ECO Tune brushless motor
●Front width adjustment parts
●Pinion gear (6T, 7T, 8T, 9T)
●Wheel wrench
●Pinion tools
●Spare wheel nuts
< Required for Operation >
●ASF 2.4GHz transmitter KT-18, or MHS 2.4GHZ transmitter EX-6 *If using MINI-Z HYBRID SPREAD SYSTEM (MHS), requires compatible transmitter.
●Auto Scale Collection (body set, wheels, tires)
●4 x alkaline batteries or 4 x NiMH batteries for chassis
●4 x AAA batteries for transmitter