Radio Controlled .12-.15 Engine powered Touring Car Series V-ONE R4 Evo.2 33211
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No : 33211

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On Sale From : December 2018

Radio Controlled .12-.15 Engine powered Touring Car Series V-ONE R4 Evo.2 33211

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Evolution of each key component sharpens the blade of this advanced machine for racing battle.

The V-ONE R4 series has a reputation built on proven performance in major races in Japan and around the world. Since its release, the V-ONE R4 has maintained its racing edge through continuous improvement and now takes an evolutionary step with the new Evo.2. Based on the previous Evo. platform, key components such as the main chassis and upper deck have been redesigned in the new V-ONE R4 Evo.2 for optimal rigidity and superior performance with modern high-power engines. Increased mechanical grip is achieved independent of tire grip and complies with race regulations with controlled tires. The V-ONE R4 series is renowned for its low center of gravity, which is further enhanced by short oil shocks that deliver increased cornering speed on high-grip surfaces while preventing highside. Improvements to the clutch and brake rotor are further improvements in the R4 Evo.2, making it the perfect machine to experience high-performance racing in events such as the Sports Class at the 2018 JMRCA 1/10 Engine Touring Car National Championship.


●Evo.2 features enhancements to key components while retaining the best of the V-ONE R4 Evo.
●Newly designed main chassis and upper deck deliver even higher mechanical grip.
●New brake rotor included as standard improves driving feel at low speed.
●Front universal swing shafts increase drive efficiency and eliminate risk of drive shafts coming loose.
●Hook pin secured fuel tank is easily removed and installed.
●Equipped with front knuckle and rear hub that can be fitted with optional carbon disk.
●Compatible with nearly all existing optional parts.

Retains the best of the V-ONE R4 Evo. with enhancements through the redesign of critical components. Steering post revised for optimal Ackerman ratio and improved cornering speed.

Grooved main chassis further increases mechanical grip and combines with newly designed upper deck to produce ideal roll and pitching rigidity.

Shorter oil shocks on front and rear realize lower center of gravity to improve cornering speed. Shock springs are also included as standard and are optimized for use with sponge tires.

Special 3D racing clutch for the Evo.2 maximizez engine performance. Revised clutch shoe material with small diameter flyweel realize both improved throttle response and top end speed.

Aerodynamic 3D design front bumper increases cornering stability and enables high speed cornering performance.

Compact radio box protects the receiver and wiring from crash damage and fuel splashes during refueling.


■Length 368mm
■Width 200mm
■Height 105mm
■Wheelbase 258mm
■Tread (F/R) 174mm/170mm
■Tires (F/R) sold separately
■Gear Ratio 7.18/5.09 : 1
■Weight 1,700g (approx.)
■Engine 12-15 Class (sold separately)


<Kit Contents>
●Unassembled chassis kit
●Steering servo horn compatible with major brand R/C systems
●5.0mm L-shape hex wrench
●Cross wrench (small)


<Required for Operation>
●2ch-3ch R/C car transmitter
●Servos x 2
●Batteries for transmitter
●Batteries for receiver (flat pack)
●12-15 class engine with rear exiting exhaust
●Glow fuel (for R/C models)
●Engine starting equipment (starter box, fuel bottle, plug heater)
●200mm width touring car body
●Paint for car body
●Wheels and tires
●Instant glue