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No : 72011

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On Sale From : July 2019


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Multifunction charger with optimized programming ideal for beginners through to race users

Compact size of this multi-cell charger fits on the palm of your hand and optimizes battery performance for MINI-Z racers and also for those who drive just for fun. In addition to 6 modes for normal management of battery charging; charge/discharge/cycle/storage/active/analyze, optional settings for charging (max 3A), discharging (max 1.5A) and delta-peak cutoff voltage (3mV to 15mV) are available for racing competition. Also, these settings remain until the charger is switched off and applies to all slots so there is no need reset for each charge or discharge. In addition to these functions, this multi-cell charger features various safety protections such as reverse connection protection /over temperature protection circuit /over capacity protection. The battery type is automatically detected when the battery is inserted into the slot and automatically starts charging so even beginners can use with confidence.

“Operating Precautions for Multi-Cell Charger”
*If you are a beginner, be sure to use the default setting for charge current and delta peak cutoff voltage. These two settings are for advanced users and incorrect settings can damage the battery.
*The discharge current can be set to maximum of 1.5A, but as the maximum output of discharge is 10W, the maximum current when discharging four cells simultaneously will be about 1A.
*18650 lithium-ion battery longer than 65mm with safety device cannot fit into the slot (cannot be charged).

Compact design, easy to use and excellent portability with outer dimensions 122 x 85 x 38mm and body weight of 153g. Equipped with micro USB port, USB charging port, power port and cooling fan on top of the charger.

Four AAA batteries can be charged and discharged at the same time by using the special attachment included. When using this attachment the charger detects terminal contact and optimal charging/discharging of AAA type batteries can be performed.

Equipped with high-visibility full-color 2.4-inch LCD display with touch panel to adjust various settings like a smartphone.

Easy-to-see and user-friendly graphical display of battery type, capacity, elapsed time, voltage, current, resistance value, temperature and voltage graph.

Equipped with USB output 5V / 2.1A. Connection of smartphones and other chargers is possible.

■ Input voltage (adapter) 100-240V ■ Maximum output (at the time of charge) 25W ■ Maximum discharge output 10W ■ System size 122x85x38 (mm) ■ Weight 153g ■ Number of charges 1-4 ■ Supported battery NiMH, NiCd, NiZn, Li- Ion, LiHV, LiPo, LiFe AAA type (AA), AA type, 10440, 10500, 12500, 12500, 13500, 13650, 14500, 14650, 16650, 17650, 18650, 20650, 22650, 26650 ※ Safety A battery whose total length is longer than 65 mm can not be used because the device is included. ■ Charge current setting range 0.1A-3.0A ※ Rapid charge of 1C or more may damage the battery. ■ Discharge current setting range 0.1A-1.5A * When 4 single 4 types are set, the maximum discharge current is about 1.0A. ■ Operation mode Charge, discharge, storage, cycle, active, analyze ■ Cycle setting number of times 1-66 ■ Beep sound Multi sound ■ Temperature sensor 5 places ■ Operating temperature 0-40 ° C ■ Voltage measurement error ± 10mV ■ Current measurement error ± 10mA ■ Protection circuit Reverse connection, temperature, capacity

Charger body
AAA battery compatible adapter (set in the body)
AC adapter (PSE certified)
instruction manual