PLAZMA FORMULA 1/10 EP 2WD Formula KIT 30412
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No : 30412

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On Sale From : November 2012

PLAZMA FORMULA 1/10 EP 2WD Formula KIT 30412

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Plazma Ra and KF-01 technology combination

The groundbreaking release of the 09-engine powered KF-01 formula racer in July 2010 started the continual evolution of performance as each machine challenged for dominance of the F-GPX series races that spread across the globe, just like the original formula racing machines. From the other side of the spectrum, the 1/12 Plazma Ra sparked a revival in electric car racing in December 2011 with dynamic performances earning it recognition as a trend leader in electric competition models. Now the technological strengths of these two machines have forged into a competition-level electric model, set to dominate formula racing. The simple, slim and sophisticated design incorporates the stacked battery layout and the proven center pivot and rear side link suspension of the Plazma Ra within similar dimensions of the KF-01. The pitching shock with diaphragm maintains constant volume and combines with a friction tube roll damper to deliver rock-solid stability.

●Similar wide dimensions (F103) to the KF-01: that was the motif of F1 machines of the 1990s.
●Uses strong FRP such as the main chassis plate. The racing design does not include unnecessary parts.
●External sections are anodized in black while pitching shock and side link are anodized in Kyosho’s signature red color.
●Suspension realizes stable performance through the front strut/center pivot and rear side link. Front/rear side springs provide reliable coil spring effect. Optional springs for Plazma Ra can be used.
●Features pitching shock with diaphragm and friction tube on roll damper (lazer etched with Kyosho logo).

Features suspension arms with wraparound 6.8mm ball ends that allow fast camber adjustment during racing. Incorporates the Plazma Ra’s advanced design featuring 3-stepped caster adjustment with sus holder spacers and king pin coil springs.

Design of the ball diff does not distort diff setting when replacing tires.

Equipped with large plastic diffuser. (removable)

Plazma Ra’s rear suspension with center pivot and rear side link controls roll and pitching direction.

Front wing combines a strong base with lightweight polycarbonate.


■Ground Clearance
5mm approx.
■Tread (F/R)
164mm / 166~172mm
Φ36mm x 30mm / Φ36mm x 45mm
1,100g approx.
Brushless (sold separately)

●Unassembled chassis kit
●Instruction manual
●2-channel, 1 servo R/C system for cars
●Brushless motor
●ESC for brushless motor
●Battery charger for chassis battery
●1/10 Formula car body
●Paint for body
●Batteries for R/C system