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Electric brushless motor makes this low wing airplane the perfect step up for beginner fliers! Improve your technique with dynamic sports flight performance! Can be upgraded to the ST (Stunt) version!

Technical Data

■Length: 1,173mm ■Width: 1,400mm ■Weight(when fully loaded): 1,900g ■Wing Area: 36.4dm2 ■Wing Load: 52.1g/dm2 ■Wing Type: Original semi-symmetrical ■Propeller: D11×P7

Kit Content

Requirement to Run

<Required for operation>
●R/C System: 4ch, 4-servo
●Brsuhless ESC: 45A+
●LiPO Battery: 11.1V-3,200~3,700mAh
●Charger: Compatible with balance charging
●Batteries for transmitter


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