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On October 10, 2023, Kyosho will celebrate its 60th anniversary.

On October 10, 2023, Kyosho will celebrate 60 years of bringing joy to life through model hobbies by fulfilling the commitment to our company motto, ‘serious about having fun’. The sound of people saying “Kyosho products are really cool, they’re super fun!, right now I’m enjoying them as a hobby,” fills our hearts with gratitude. With 60 years of model making know-how and heritage, we will continue to create products for you to enjoy at fun events through our global network.

60th Anniversary Products

Released The History of KYOSHO (1963-1983)

Message from the President


2023/5/2 今週の京商60周年記念商品情報

2023/5/2 第61回静岡ホビーショー京商ブース情報

2023/5/2 京商60周年記念オリジナルうまい棒

2023/5/2 ミニッツカップ2023(60周年記念特別枠)レギュレーション

2023/5/2 京商カップ2023(60周年記念特別枠)レギュレーション

2023/5/2 京商ヒストリー

2023/5/2 社長メッセージ